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Results of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019

Results of the Mid-Season Invitational 2019

For the first time since the first season of the international championships, the finals saw the encounter of two representatives of the western scene. This has greatly affected the results of the championship. We are about to tell you about these.

Before starting the main part of the article, we should remind you that the Chinese platforms were not taken into account for our statistics. We do not consider it necessary to add any sort of unconfirmable data, which is also why we are facing a similar situation with the Russian-language broadcast. The latter is based on the Yandex platform which does not provide the data for us to analyze.

The overall results of the Mid-Season Invitational are really something, with significant progress being made compared to the last season. The average number of viewers on the broadcasts has reached 474 thousand, which is 128 thousand more than this same competition has managed do gather in 2018.

As for the peak figure, it managed to set a small record. The "middle of the season" was able to peak at 1 million 704 thousand viewers when accounting for the Chinese fans, and at one and a half million viewers otherwise. This has allowed the tournament to leave behind many key events of the discipline (including the World Championship 2016), falling only a little behind Worlds 2018.

When talking about more specific results, we should once again not the extremely positive trends shown by the English, Vietnamese and Korean streams. On the other hand, Thai, Czech and Hungarian broadcasts can be only described negatively. The viewers from Germany and France have shown themselves from a bit of a neutral side.

The first three broadcasts were able to get a significant number of new viewers. The British have entered the green with 31 thousand (average) and 128 thousand (peak). The Korean audience have followed the semifinals match between SKT and G2 with a great deal of interest. It was this match that marked a new peak figure for Korea on MSI, equal to 436 thousand viewers. This figure has eclipsed season 8's peak of 287,159 viewers.

At the same time, the Vietnamese audience has been rather bountiful, thanks to the event venue location, as well as to the Phong Vũ Buffalo entering the main stage of the championship. This allowed it to increase its average number of viewers by 61 thousand, and the peak number of viewers by 105 thousand. Such occurrences paint VCS in a new light as well, and we can only guess what to expect from the region during the summer split.

Thailand has lost a total of 1634 viewers on average, also taking a similar loss to its peak viewership figure. This is comparable to the situation of French and German fans as well, the average viewership figures of which dropped by half a thousand viewers. However, the peak figures of these two audiences have increased by 12 and 2 thousand viewers, respectively.

Therefore, it can be stated that from as early as the preliminary stage, the event can be expected to set new records. It is quite likely that we will be able to observe another boom of the discipline at the World Championship, one that will allow the game to significantly exceed the figure of 2 million viewers.

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