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The results of MLBB World Championship

The results of MLBB World Championship

The esports world continues receiving sizable new figures from the mobile gaming broadcasts. This time, the season's final championship in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was the one to stand out.

But first, let’s talk about the game itself. For those who do not know, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a representative of the MOBA genre, but in terms of style it most closely resembles the creation of Riot Games - League of Legends. Arena of Valor can be called its direct competitor in the world of mobile gaming.

This year, the discipline has received a full-fledged World Championship for the first time - MLBB World Championship, also known as the M1 Worlds Championship. The list of participants included teams from all over the world, including the regions that have little interest in mobile esports – such as the CIS or Europe.

The tournament has reached the marks of 648 thousand peak viewers and 162 thousand average viewers. Hours watched have reached the result of almost 10 million.

The Indonesian fans have brought the championship most of its results. Malaysians were second by the amount of contribution. English-language broadcast has reached the third spot.

If MLBB World Championship is compared with an approximately similar tournament of its competitor, Arena of Valor World Cup 2019, negative results can be observed. The event loses by all the three key indicators. The peak viewers mark is 15.2% behind the opponent. At the same time, the average viewers mark is slightly more than 15.3% behind.

On the other hand, it’s worth looking at the achievements of the 4th season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League. From this perspective, the World Championship is in the lead. The peak viewers increase reaches 123%. The average viewers result is improved by 232%, given that we compare the classic tournament with the long-term league.

The participants of the discipline's main tournament are worth noting as well. EVOS Legends team was the most popular of these. Representatives of Rex Regum Qeon have arrived to the second spot, and the guys from TODAK have closed the top 3. The ranking was based on the average viewers per match.

In conclusion, it can be noted that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now has excellent chances to gain a foothold at the top of the industry. However, what will happen when the guys from Riot Games join the battle with their mobile version of LoL?

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