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The results of SWC19 Worlds Finals

The results of SWC19 Worlds Finals

Currently one of the most popular mobile esports disciplines is Summoners War. Today's article will focus on its world championship.

Since Summoners War involves solo battles, the list of participants was limited to eight players. Having the prize pool of $144,000, this year's Summoners War World Arena Championship was the first ever to be hosted in Europe. Prior to this event's locations were limited to Asia and North America.

In order to stimulate the audience involvement Game developers prepared some gifts to both offline and online viewers. The broadcast had its own special goals and achievements unlocking new prizes. In addition, it was possible to get the code for in-game content, as well as earn special in-game points.

SWC 2019 has received a good share of viewership. It managed to gather 131 thousand at peak and 89 thousand average viewers, with a total 529 thousand of hours watched.

In comparison to the previous two seasons, peak viewers figure grew by 45%, average viewers by 15%, and hours watched by 6% (even though the 2019's airtime was one hour shorter).

This boost was achieved even despite this year the schedule was not adjusted for Asian local time (the main market of the game).

Also, worth mentioning that this year's event was broadcasted in eight languages: Russian, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, Thai, Korean and Chinese.

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