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RLCS: The results of the Eighth World Championship

RLCS: The results of the Eighth World Championship

The eighth season of the RLCS World Championship was the best competition in the series' history. In today's article we will tell you about the results of the championship, as well as about their improvements over the past few years.

The winners of the eighth World Championship were the guys from NRG Esports. In the final, the team defeated Renault Vitality with a score of 4:3. The players received 200 thousand dollars for the title of the world's best team.

The audience has watched the course of events with more interest than before. The event has gathered 280 thousand peak viewers. This figure exceeds the previous championship by 77 thousand. In percentage terms, the difference is 38%. Today, this result is the highest across the entire RLCS World Championship series.

In turn, the average viewers indicator has fallen only a bit short from reaching the same achievement. At the end of the eighth season, it amounted to 109 thousand people. Meanwhile, the best result still belongs to the third final and its 118 thousand viewers.

If we consider the standing of this year's event among the tournaments of the last 3 years, then we can see what can only be described as an excellent state of affairs. The competition has finally managed to overcome the average viewers indicator of the fifth season. Before that, we used to observe a slight lag in this indicator – which has now disappeared.

As for the peak viewers record, most of it can be attributed to the English-speaking viewers. Moreover, almost the entirety of the hours watched result (95% to be precise) was obtained on this very broadcast. French, in turn, became the second most popular language.

The platform-based results are not very interesting, given that the majority of the viewers were on Twitch. At the same time YouTube has housed a very small part of the observers. The contribution of Google's platform to the total number of hours watched is only 6%.

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Now, which teams were the most popular? When ranking them by the average viewers, then the champion, NRG Esports, would be at the top. The result of the world's best team was equal to 164 thousand. The owners of silver, Renault Vitality, took the second spot in the ranking. Closing the top 3 were the representatives of Renegades.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the championship has turned out to be extremely successful. Although it did not manage to become the most popular event in the series, it still holds a peak viewers record. This may become excellent foundation for the year to come. Perhaps in the ninth season we will get all indicators maxed out even further.

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