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RLCS RS: The popularity dive goes on

RLCS RS: The popularity dive goes on

Another regular season of the Rocket League Championship Series has recently come to an end. We've compared the seventh series of the championship with its predecessor. We can tell you ahead that the results are not that great.

Involved in today's comparison are two regions of the game: Europe and North America. Both tournaments have a large audience and a sufficient amount of history for being properly matched.

First, let's compare both championships with the fifth season of RLCS. Such a case shows us a significant decrease in audience size during the broadcast. Even more surprisingly, such a trend seems to only persist over time. This such alert the developers and other involved parties (such as the organizers) alike.

To tell more precisely, over the course of three series, the European tournament has lost nearly 17 thousand viewers on average and a similar amount at the peak – which is a quarter of the total number of viewers. At the same time, the outcome for North America was not that different, showing a roughly similar loss of 15 thousand viewers on average and 17 thousand viewers at the peak.

If we add the intermediate results (the sixth season) to our comparison, then everything will change a little. The decrease of the audience, although remaining, will be not as huge as related to RLCS S6. The situation will change only based on the average number of viewers on the broadcast.

In case of Europe, the increase in this indicator will be equal to whopping 5 thousand viewers. Compared to the previous decrease of 17 thousand viewers, such news look more than pleasant. America is also getting back into the spotlight with its increase of slightly more than 2 thousand viewers. And so far, this seems to be the end of the good news.

When we shift our attention to the peak results of the respective seasons, we can observe a significant decrease, with the European region suffering a loss of 6.6% and the North America losing a total of 6.5%. Based on this, it can be understood that the situation for the game became more and more grim over the time.

Compared to the previous year, the heroes of the league have changed as well. The most popular teams of the fifth season's competition were compLexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses. As of today, the situation has slightly changed, with NRG Esports and Renault Vitality getting to the top spots of their respective regions.

The reasons behind such occurrences are difficult to name. For one, the game doesn't receive enough attention, which results in its less-than-desirable online presence. Because of this, we see the constant popularity dive, which happens despite all the efforts to fix the state of things. The YouTube broadcast was the latest such attempt – which, as you can understand, did not help at all.

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