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Rocket League: Spring brings more tournaments

Rocket League: Spring brings more tournaments

Psyonix have managed to find a solution for their championship amidst the coronavirus-stricken world. Between the series' two seasons, a tournament was held in all the main regions of the discipline. Today we will make an overview of the Rocket League Spring Series, showing how the competition was faring compared with the RLCS Season 9.

Aside of inspecting the championship along with its four regions, we will compare it with the previous season of the discipline's main tournament: the Rocket League Championship Series.

North America became the most popular out of the four regions. The tournament's final, which has featured NRG and G2, has managed to gather 136 thousand viewers. This is 48% higher than the result of Europe, which has reached the second spot.

We are seeing the repeat of the situation by the average viewers indicator, with the regions occupying the respective spots. RLSS North America with its 51 thousand viewers is at the top, while Oceania with its 17 thousand viewers is at the bottom of the list.

It should be noted that in the case of the Spring Series we are witnessing the dominance of North America. At the same time, the last season of RLCS saw the Europe becoming the most popular region based on the peak viewers mark. This may suggest that after the long league the spectators from the “Old World” weren't that interested in the Rocket League matches.

The state of affairs in Oceania deserves a separate mention. Although it had the worst result out of four, the indicators are quite decent for the region itself. For example, the result of the Spring Series of the main league of League of Legends (the world's most popular discipline) is much worse. Additionally, the result of 17 thousand viewers exceeds that of the regional RLCS championship. The reason lies in the broadcasts: the Spring Series was broadcasted on the official Rocket League channel, while RLCS was broadcasted by the guys from Lets Play Live.

This once again reminds us that each region has its own favorites. What makes Oceania interesting is that it is set at the junction point of Eastern and Western ideologies. We are not observing Dota 2, but at the same time we are seeing LoL largely lagging behind the Rocket League.

Among the teams of the Spring Series, the finalists of the American NRG Esports division stood out the most. This team has become the most popular among all the participants due to taking part in four out of five most popular matches of its region. Renault Vitality players, which have scored the victory at the European tournament, came second. It should be noted that the American tournament's champion, G2 Esports, has only reached the third spot.

As a result, it certainly seems that the Rocket League Spring Series was a great idea, as the tournament turned out to be interesting for the discipline's audience. Such a championship was all more welcome given the coronavirus pandemic – with many countries on the quarantine lockdown, the organizers would have no chance of assembling the most important regional teams at the LAN finals.

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