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Sea of Thieves: Revival on Twitch

Sea of Thieves: Revival on Twitch

Can only one update enlarge the game’s Hours Watched by 526% just in a month?

Today we’ll talk about Sea of Thieves by British developers Rare. This studio got this recognition thanks to such hit as Battletoads and its tunnel level that damaged a lot of joysticks in the late 90s.

Sea of Thieves was released in 2018 for PC and Xbox One with cross-platform gameplay. Initially game received mixed reviews from critics because of the lack of in-game content. So the developers started to fix this situation with monthly updates.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate sandbox game with battles both at sea and on land, island exploration and treasure hunts. Open world, quests from merchants, hunting and fishing help you to distract from the world situation.

One of the features of this game, apart from cartoonish graphics, is the focus on co-op walkthrough and role distribution. The crew can steer the ship together and complete the storyline.

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Game has 9 replayable storylines with the puzzles in Indiana Jones style. You can complete the main storyline and other quests simultaneously. Besides the story, the main goal of the game is to earn a Pirate Legend title, It is acquired by earning a Reputation level of 50 with all three Trading Companies. There’s also a competitive mode called “Arena”, there players are fighting for the treasures.

Such amount of content didn’t appear right away. Developers were adding new content every month taking into account the opinion of game community. A major April update called Ships of Fortune added extra features for co-op, such as crew resurrection and a new Emissary system for Trading Companies. All this revived the interest of players and Twitch streamers, that’s why the game has broken its viewership records.

To illustrate the dynamics, we took the period from March 30 to May 10 and pick out the growth by different categories.

In the end of the month Sea of Thieves Hours Watched on Twitch concluded 604K. On the first week of April the growth concluded only 0,5%, the viewers peak decreased by 20,3%, but the amount of streamers has increased on 25,8%.

The addon was announced on the April 8 and event the announce affected the viewers dynamics. Hours Watched increased by 14,9% compared to the end of March with the viewers, but the growth still remained negative.

The update was launched on the 3rd week of April, and this has caused a rapid statistical growth. Hours Watched increased by 245%, Peak Viewers by 225% and the amount of streamers on the platform enlarged by 90%. The game drew the attention of players, but also streamers.

In the end of April, the hype has gone. Hours Watched decreased by 9%, Peak Viewers decreased  nearly in half (by 41%) along with the amount of streamers (by 14,8%).

But in the beginning of May Sea of Thieves has broken its own record and gained 3,7M Hours Watched, that means the growth concluded 526% compared to the end of March. Peak Viewers growth concluded 217% and the Streamers increased by 83% in comparison with the last week of March.

Which streamers were interested in the rebirth of Sea of Thieves and who became the most popular streamer?

One of the most popular English streamers Summit1g attracted the majority of viewers. He collected 2,8M Hours Watched and 45K viewers on the peak of the broadcast.

On the 2nd place is Pace22, although he doesn’t have as many subscribers as the previous Twitch stars, but in 256 hours of the stream he gained 572K Hours Watched.

Portuguese Streamer Yoda is on the 3rd place and at its peak he collected 20K viewers and 323K of Hours Watched.

Sodapoppin also stood out and just in 10 hours he collected 161K Hours Watched and 19K Peak Viewers.

We should also note xQcOW, although he streamed just for 4 hours, he managed to collect 29K Peak Viewers and 102K of Hours Watched.

Bratishkinoff is responsible for CIS region. 15K people watched him on the peak. The amount of HW is 38K.

That’s how one major upgrade can revive the game from the ashes. Also, our team summed up the results of the effect of Coronavirus on streaming in April. Subscribe to our social pages and share your thoughts on our Discord server.

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