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Shroud & Ninja: Comeback to streaming

Shroud & Ninja: Comeback to streaming

With the Mixer's shutdown, there is nothing left for its two main representatives but to find a new place for the streaming. The viewers also had no choice but to switch to another platform with their favorites.

Shroud's Twitch comeback happened on August 12. He launched his first stream after one year of being on Mixer. 360K viewers waited for him at the broadcast before the full start of the stream. 

Michael has streamed Valorant for 8 hours. He reached the mark of 500K+ Peak Viewers, and almost 230K people subscribed to his channel. 

Such number is an undeniable success for one streamer because even some esports events don't gather as many viewers.

We've also collected the data about the Shroud's audience: More than 2M unique viewers watched his broadcast on August 12. Apart from Shroud, his fans also prefer xQc. 37,2% of viewers watched his stream at least for 15 minutes for the last seven days.

Summit1g is on the second place - 34,9% viewers watched him for the last week and then went to Shroud.

Moreover, 29% of viewers watched Timthetatman, and 26% belong to Tfue and Pokimane. We should understand that these percentages don't include the intersection of the audience. Some part of the audience may have watched several streamers and was included in the results of both.

Shroud has officially switched to Twitch, but it's not so simple in Ninja's case. On August 5, Ninja launched only one broadcast on Twitch. 

He has spent only 2 hours on the platform and played Fortnite and Call of Duty. 96K viewers watched him at the peak of the broadcast, and he gained 57K new subscribers, but Ninja has collected 4x less audience on Twitch than Shroud.

44,8% of Ninja's viewers watched Tfue for the last week. 33% belong to Timthetatman, and 29% came from Nickmercs.

The most interesting thing, a month before Tyler launched the broadcast on YouTube and there his stats are much better - 450K views. But after that, he didn't stream at all and only uploaded the videos on his YouTube channel.

His Thursday Ninja Battles have stopped because of the Mixer's closure, but on August 13, he suddenly hosted Thursday Ninja Battles #3 and streamed the event both on Twitch and YouTube. The overall peak of the broadcasts is 161K viewers.

His status as a free agent allows him to stream on several platforms simultaneously. He hasn't signed a contract with some platform, and Twitch didn't return him his partner status.

We should pay attention to DrDisrespect in this context, he has switched to YouTube after his ban on Twitch, and now he collects 500K+ viewers on a new platform.

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