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Six Invitational: What has changed over the year?

Six Invitational: What has changed over the year?

The Rainbow Six Siege's third competitive season has recently ended with the Six Invitational event. This represents a perfect moment of subjecting the discipline's successes to a comparative analysis, using its main event as an example. Therefore, today we will compare the two World Cups for the Ubisoft's shooter to try and see whether the game has obtained new audience.

We should note that the R6's official broadcasts have started to support more languages in 2019 – such as the Thai and Hungarian streams of the last major. Additionally, the developers have finally released the Rainbow Six in China, which would likely improve the results of this discipline.

It may be too early to rejoice, however, since not everything is that well. Based on the average broadcast viewability figures, the event of 2019 has managed to get ahead of its 2018 counterpart only by 3 thousand viewers – while lagging behind by 5 thousand viewers peak figure-wise. And that's despite the extra effort of the developers when it came to organizing new streams.

This has happened due to several unpleasant factors, which we will now inspect in detail.

Firstly, the timeframe chosen by the organizers was uncomfortable for the Europe- and CIS-based viewers. The latter were pretty much required to watch the championship's finals quite late at night, which would in no way mesh well with their default workweek schedule. The European fans have faced a similar case of conflicting schedules, and they were certainly not happy about this.

Secondly, despite the finals of Six Invitational having featured the guys from Team Empire, it should be said that the competitive scene of the game itself is not that popular within the Russian-speaking community – leading to the match in question being skipped by the major part of the potential audience. As such, despite the participation of Empire, the Russian broadcast of the Grand Finals has managed to gather a little over 8 thousand viewers. The resulting figures are quite disappointing.

Thirdly, the failure on part of the American teams has played a decisive role. A number of strong media groups from this region were unable to reach even the playoffs, with names such as FaZe Clan and Immortals coming to mind. Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic have dropped out of the tournament after the quarter-finals – eventually leading to the loss of the core audience hailing from Brazil. The bad performance of the Brazilian players has caused this particular audience, this very backbone of the event to crumble away, dealing another blow to its viewability.

On average, the matches featuring the representatives of this counter have caused the number of Portuguese-speaking viewers to increase by 2-3 times. For example, the PENTA vs PET Nora-Rengo match had only 6 thousand viewers, which isn't all that comparable to the 21 thousand viewers of the Fnatic vs FaZe match. This particular stream has peaked at 71 thousand viewers during the battle of Empire and Liquid over the spot in semifinals. We can only guess at the possible figures in case a Brazilian team would actually manage to reach the finals.

Talking about the standalone communities, the Japanese one has shown its power, gathering over 60 thousand viewers for the playoff matches featuring PET Nora-Rengo. It seems that the Land of the Rising Sun's infatuation with the game has caused it to wholeheartedly support its own representatives at the Canadian major.

We can conclude that the results shown by the Six Invitational 2019 event are not quite encouraging. This means that Ubisoft still has a way to go when it comes to its future attempts of attracting the new audiences. After all, the methods used during the previous season were clearly not efficient enough.

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