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Six Major August 2020: Viewership statistics

Six Major August 2020: Viewership statistics

Coronavirus didn't make an exception for the Rainbow Six Siege events, so Six Major August 2020 has switched to online-format. Was the series able to set a new record?

Initially, the tournament was supposed to be held in the USA. The format was changed, and the event was divided into four regions: Asia-Oceania, North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Ubisoft aroused the viewers' interest with enabled Twitch Drops. You could 6 charms for a certain amount of time on the broadcast.


The first tournament series was held in Asia and Oceania and included three events.

Six August Major 2020 North Division was held from August 3 to 9, and it has the best stats among all trio, because of its longer duration and the number of teams - 6 instead of 4.

The most popular team of the North Division is CYCLOPS athlete gaming from Japan, 28K fans watched their matches on average. But the winners of the region are Cloud9, and their battle with CAG has collected  33K viewers at the peak.

The broadcasts were held on Twitch and Youtube in different languages. That's why apart from English-speaking viewers, the tournament was watched by Japanese fans. Among all Asian countries, Rainbow Six Siege is appreciated in Japan the most. So 10K viewers from that country watched the broadcast at the peak. Moreover, spectators from Europe, Korea, and China also were interested in this competition. 

Six Major August 2020 South Asia was held from August 6 to 7, with four invited teams. 21K viewers watched the broadcast at the peak, and Facebook was added to streaming platforms. 1K German-speaking viewers watched the broadcast, and this is quite strange for South Asia. Union Gaming became the winners of the region.

Oceania became the least popular event of this trio. The Air Time of it was shorter because only three teams participated in the event. The winners are Wildcard Gaming, and they're the most popular team at the same time - 14K viewers watched their matches on average.

The broadcast was held on the same platforms and was watched by 18K viewers at the peak. As in South Asia, almost 1K German-speaking viewers watched the broadcast.

Latin America

The next series was held in Latin America and included Brazil and Mexico.

Six August 2020 Major LATAM: Mexico took place on August 7-8. Compared to Brazil, the results of the region are complete despair. Only Estral Esports and Timbers Esports participated in the tournament. This is a strange decision, considering the fact that the region prefers to organize the long-term esports leagues.

21K viewers watched the broadcast of the Mexican region at the peak. English-speaking viewers concluded the biggest part of that number, but 7,2K Portuguese-speaking and 2,5K Spanish-speaking viewers also watched the broadcast.

Brazilian major was held from August 7 to 10, and 4 teams from well-known esports organizations participated in it. Team Liquid became the most popular - 46K viewers on average. Ninjas in Pyjamas always reached the top-3 during the season, and now they've got the first place.

There's an interesting situation with the audience. The leaders are Portuguese-speaking viewers - 35K at the peak, and the English-speaking amounted to 23K Peak Viewers. Moreover, Ubisoft organized the official broadcasts for Spanish and French fans. The overall Hours Watched number is 892K, and this is the biggest mark among all Six Major August 2020 series.

North America

The NA event has set a record by Peak Viewers among all majors - 105K viewers. 87% of Peak Viewers from that number are English-speaking.

Six August 2020 Major North America became the second most popular event of this discipline by Peak Viewers in 2020, giving in only to Six Invitational 2020.

DarkZero Esports are the winners, though they've shown intermediate results during the year. 42K viewers watched their matches on average.


Six August Major 2020 Europe was the last tournament of the series and was held from August 20 to 23.

As in the previous regions, four teams participated in it, and the most popular one is G2. They've gathered 46K Average Viewers. Their final match with BDS attracted 88K viewers at the peak, but it finished with the win of the French team.

Europe's main feature is the audience's diversity because of the immense amount of official broadcasts in different languages. The English-speaking viewers concluded 68% of the audience.

10K French-speaking viewers supported their countrymen BDS at the peak. At the same time, the Russian team hasn't attracted a lot of viewers - 1,9K native fans.

Apart from Twitch, Europe has collected 24K at the YouTube peak and also held the broadcasts on VK Live and Facebook.

The Major series has shown pretty good results as for the official online-event, but that's not the end. According to Ubisoft's plan, in November, we'll see the second phase of the series, with 16 teams in the group stage and the playoffs.

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