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Berlin Major: The viewers results

Berlin Major: The viewers results

Astralis have once again raised the champion belt over their heads and obtained another major winner title to enlarge their collection. The victory brought them $500 thousand. AVANGAR came second. This five-man team received $150k for their silver.

As for us, the end of the competition has always been a great occasion to summarize its results. In this article, we will talk about the results of StarLadder Major Berlin 2019.

First, it is worth noting that (quite recently) we have already demonstrated the performance of the first two stages of the competition. You can find out about the Challengers Stage on this page. If you are interested in the Legends Stage, then the article for this stage is available here.

Let's start with the overall results. Unfortunately, the tournament in Berlin could not surpass its predecessor and even the last year's FACEIT event. This applies to both the peak and average viewers.

The German competition's peak viewers have reached the figure of 837 thousand people. At Intel Extreme Masters, this figure was already equal to 1 million 195 thousand viewers. The British major was also more popular, with its 1 million 84 thousand.

The difference between the tournaments in Katowice and London was 359 and 248 thousand people, respectively. In percentage terms, this is slightly more than 30% in the first case and almost 23% in the second case. This means that since the last major, the decrease has reached one-third of the peak viewers.

As for the average viewers, this indicator has reached 349 thousand. And again, StarLadder's creation is facing problems. At IEM Katowice Major, the same indicator amounted to a larger figure of 386 thousand people. Likewise, FACEIT Major was noted by a larger respective amount, equal to 398 thousand viewers.

Compared to Katowice Major, the decrease of this indicator was a little smaller in percentage terms, merely 9%. In the classic comparison, the decrease as compared to the latest event was equal to 37 thousand viewers. Given the 30% peak viewers decrease, this particular drop does not look that bad.

Yet the statistics also show some positive aspects, namely the Russian-language broadcast. Due to the incredible Na’Vi match (the first match of the playoffs) the broadcast for the CIS and Ukraine was visited by extra peak viewers.

But the average viewers indicator saw an increase as well, amounting to 12 thousand viewers. As for the peak viewers, the broadcast has gathered 62 thousand more than its counterpart from Katowice. In other aspects, StarLadder Major Berlin is inferior to IEM Katowice Major and FACEIT Major.

It is worth noting that this occurrence has negatively impacted the rest of the audience. The participation of the CIS team has forced the interest of all the other language crowds to recede, and as a result, the event has also failed in the overall standings.

It’s worth talking about the most popular teams at the competition. The ranking was compiled based on the average viewers of the matches.

In Berlin, Astralis were at the top spot. The Danes got the title once again, and along with it the largest number of average viewers. Coming second were the guys from Natus Vincere. Their success does leave some questions, but this did not stop the yellow-blacks from reaching the silver spot of the popularity top. Completing top 3 were the representatives of ENCE eSports. The team has reached the stage of legends, but lost their first match and was eliminated from the tournament.

The platforms also show a situation that's quite interesting. As expected, Twitch scored the highest percentage of views. Its contribution to the total hours watched was equal to 72%. was the second most popular platform. It brought the event 23% of total hours watched. Completing the trinity was YouTube Live with its 4%.

As a result, we can say with confidence that StarLadder Major Berlin has failed to become the most popular event of its class. Ahead of us is a new competitive year and two more majors. We will continue to monitor the game's professional scene, therefore be sure to subscribe to our pages on social networks: Twitter, Facebook and VK.

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