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Starladder: the results of 2018

Starladder: the results of 2018

The last year has provided the audience worldwide with a decent number of good events. Esports organizers were putting the utmost effort into holding their events, trying to bring them to a new level. Starladder was one of such companies, and it managed to obtain a new, influential partner in 2018.

Of course, we are talking about the PUBG Corp, which is developing the eponymous battle royale. The studio decided to put its trust into the Ukrainian operator, and entrusted Starladder with the task of holding the Europe League for the game. The first qualifiers for the main part of competition have already been held, and following next would be the weeks of offline matches.

This situation was made possible not in the least due to Starladder's creativity. This team of professionals has shown its finest qualities when solving the task of placing a huge number of 4-man teams on a single arena. As a result, the audience was provided with a beautiful, spacious arena that was well-suited for small venues.

Here we are of course talking about the "Kiev Cybersport Arena". Originally a small computer club, thanks to the tournament operator's efforts it was outfitted by multiple PCs, esports production equipment, and much more. This once again shows the SLTV's ability to use any resources available to their fullest potential. It also means that, with proper funding, this organizer is properly capable of creating a league of excellent quality through and through.

For the most part of the past year, Starladder was pretty much a second-rate player: its tournaments didn't gather large audience – but also didn't feature big prizes or large venues. There were some exceptions to this, such as StarSeries in the "Palace of Sports". However, the company has mostly stayed far from the spotlight.

Still, Valve's shooter became SLTV's most popular discipline. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events have comprised a half of events held by this company in 2018. The prize pools of these events have ranged from $10k to $300k. By the way, the first such events were hosted for the third-party sponsors such as "".

In a summary, we can say that StarSeries i-League PUBG 2018 would be the most popular championship held by this organizer, should the Chinese audience be taken into account. The peak viewability of matches there has almost reached 18 million viewers. In case we only concentrate on the western hemisphere, its audience has seemingly favored the fourth season of the SL i-League StarSeries. This competition has managed to attract a little over 350 thousand viewers.

The PUBG Europe League will be a big test for the Ukrainians to face in 2019. This competition is essentially PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds' counterpart of the League of Legends Championship Series. The best European players will compete for a prize fund worth 1 million euros, with the organizations receiving partial financial assistance from the developer.

Overall, the new year can become the harbinger of change for this tournament operator. Soon enough, SL will need to host WCS for StarCraft 2 – and before that, at least one Dota 2 minor. All these factors will complement the main PUBG Europe League, helping Starladder to finally reach the star role in the gaming industry, shining on the world stage once again.

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