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The most popular streamers of April on Twitch

The most popular streamers of April on Twitch

April saw one of the most triumphant game releases of the year taking place on Twitch and becoming record-breaking for this platform. But how did this affect the streamers? We will tell you about the last changes to the ranking of the most popular streamers in our report for the past month.

The following positions of streamers in the top were achieved due to testing of Valorant. Riot Games new shooter, called Valorant, was gathering millions of viewers starting from the earliest days of beta-testing. All of them were present on the broadcasts for the sake of being invited to the beta. We have already covered this topic in more detail in this news.

A Sweden streamer known as Anomaly became the most popular streamer of April. He is well-known in the CS:GO fan community, touching upon various important moments from the game's like on his personal YouTube channel. This of course means that this streamer simply couldn't miss the appearance of a new rival for the industry's main competitive shooter.

In this particular case, the streamer took advantage of the loophole in the Twitch Drops system. He was streaming round the clock, with his streams being then viewed for the sake of obtaining the invitation to the Valorant beta. His channel wasn't the only one on the platform to engage in such activities, either – eventually causing an uproar and forcing Twitch to change the platform's rules in order to prevent the abuse of the system in the future.

The ONSCREEN channel was an interesting entry in the overall top. Being a little-known streamer in the past, he has devoted all his free time to the new shooter since its release – becoming one of the strongest players as a result. In turn, this has brought him the new viewers along with the fourth spot in the top.

The channel of gAuLeS fell a little short of top 5 of Twitch. He continued broadcasting the professional CS:GO matches in April, while the rise of the new esports system for the discipline (implemented because of the coronavirus pandemic) has helped him in this. Virtual F1 racing was yet another type of content broadcasted by the Brazilian streamer in April, which was a first for him.

The Russian-language top repeats the situation regarding Valorant: the part domination of channels dedicated to Dota 2 is gone, with the top spots being now occupied by the streamers of the Riot Games' new title.

This has caused Sfory to become the most popular Russian-language streamer of Twitch in April, overtaking a number of rivals. This was made possible by a combination of the Twitch Drops system with an impressive amount of airtime – and that's given that most recently this channel was pretty much unknown to the majority of people.

It should be noted that the professional Natus Vincere player, Alexander S1mple Kostylev, has arrived to the sixth spot of the CIS-based top in April. A mere 95 hours of broadcasting have allowed him to obtain more than 1.5 million hours watched. The appearance of pro players in such tops is quite rare of an occurrence, given that most of their time is usually devoted to training.

As for the most notable figure among the entire top, "Buster" has managed to obtain 2.5 million hours watched for merely 88 hours of broadcasting. Had he spent more time playing the game, we could well be observing a different owner of the first spot in the ranking.

Overall, the state of affairs on Twitch was strongly influenced by the new title of Riot Games. The resulting hype has refreshed the top 10 most popular streamers, allowing the entrance of a number of newcomers. The influence of Valorant upon the service is undeniable, but what about its duration? We will find out in the next couple of months.

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