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The most popular streamers of April

The most popular streamers of April

In April the viewers had more free time to spend on regular streams. This became possible thanks to the break taken by the League of Legends' competitive scene, as well as the relatively scarce schedule for Dota 2 and the Fortnite World Championship qualifiers. In this article we will explain which streamers were able to benefit from this situation the most.

It is worth starting from the English-language channels, the list of which is crowned by Jaryd Lazar, better known as summit1g. This is the second month Lazar is on the top of our ranking. Previously, he managed to take hold of the first place thanks to streaming GTA, along with many other games. Now summit1g has repeated his success and became the most popular English-language streamer of the month for the second time.

TFue has also retained his position. In April, he was producing large amounts of Fortnite content thanks to the World Championship qualifiers. Additionally, this streamer has also entered collaborations with other popular users such as XQC. As a result, the second place is still in the hands of Turner Tenney.

Following Turner is another popular Fortnite channel. This time Ninja gets the bronze rank. He has likewise spent most of his time on the Epic Games' battle royale, which has helped him to take the third place – but despite all the odds, his efforts were not enough to overcome the previous two participants.

The fourth place went to Shroud, who has returned into the top 5 most popular streamers. We remind you that he has dropped out in March because of health problems – but after his return, Mike was able to rally his fans and occupy a decent position based on his results for the month.

Closing our list is Lirik, who has dedicated most of his time to the GTA RP broadcasts. But aside of this, he also featured other games on his streams, in particular such newcomers of the industry as Mortal Kombat and Days Gone. This user has always relied on diversity, and this helped him to reach the fifth place in the ranking.

What about the Russian-language part of the platform? It stays true to its trends (which already became customary). Among the top 5 most popular streamers there are three channels dedicated to Dota 2. But we will touch upon this a bit later.

SilverName is again at the top of the ranking. January was the last time Vladislav has reached the position of the most popular streamer, and now he has reclaimed this title – although he hardly has a chance to keep it in May. This is a consequence of his departure to an international competition, during duration of which he will provide no broadcasts.

At the same time, the next three spots belong to the Dota 2 channels. First comes DreadzTV, followed by Stray228, and ybicanoooobov is the last in this trio.

Andrey Golubev has gathered the most popular users in this kind and held an interesting event known as the “Dread's Stream Hata”. It allows his channel to leave the rivals behind, becoming the second most popular channel on the platform. Waiting for Andrew are the upcoming broadcasts on the official MDL Disneyland Paris Major stream, and this factor will most certainly prevent him from maintaining his current position.

As for the remaining duo, they are still fixated on their own content. The broadcasts of their Dota 2 matches are still interesting to the audience, allowing them to remain in the top several months in a row. While they may possibly change the type of the content produced in the future, the changes aren't that urgent as long as their current content works as intended.

The channel of HoneyMad comes the fifth in the Russian-language ranking. Unlike his colleagues on the platform, this user was spending his time on a variety of games. While GTA RP became the basis for the channel's popularity, many other interesting things (such as promotions) were shown as well.

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