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The most popular streamers of March on Twitch

The most popular streamers of March on Twitch

In March, the top streamers rank underwent a dramatic change compared to February due to the coronavirus outbreak in many countries.

Esl_СSGO channel took the first place this month, climbing up 3 positions. The reason is that now ESL Pro League Season 11 is obviously streamed on this channel and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive again broke the peak record of online - 1,2 million users were playing in it simultaneously.

The second place went to summit1g. This month 55% of his airtime consisted of CoD: Warzone, because he participated in charity tournaments of this discipline and streamed them on his channel. In addition to Warzone, he has streamed 80 hours of Escape From Tarkov this month. But the peak on his broadcast is not the largest of the table, only 57K viewers.

The third place in the ranking is occupied by the Brazilian CS:GO pro-player gAuLeS, who managed to climb by 3 positions in the table. In addition to his usual broadcasts, he streamed the matches of ESL Pro League and participated in it as a commentator. The viewers peak on his broadcast was during the match between Mouz and OG and composed 152K spectators. This is the best result among the streamers according to our table.

Next on the list is xQcOW, who has remained in our Top 5 again. He did not concentrate on one game this month, but most of his streams were in the Just Chatting category. xQcOW was also the 3rd most popular Half-Life: Alyx streamer and the second most popular streamer of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The peak on his broadcast this month was 37K viewers.

Loltyler1, on the other hand, lost two positions this month and took the 5th place due to the fact that in March the audience preferred to streams of the new games rather than the League of Legends.

Nickmercs flew into our top from 24th to 6th place. This month Nickmercs gave preference to the new Call of Duty: Warzone, which gained popularity among the players, and dedicated 51% of his airtime to it this month, he also supported the Fight 2 Fund Charity Tournament by FaZe Clan and the peak of viewers on his broadcast was 38K viewers.

The biggest popularity boost in March was by the most popular streamer in 2019 Tfue. He managed to surpass 26 positions in our table. This month he streamed on 90 hours more than in February. 95% of his streams consisted of Fortnite. He has also participated in the Duo Cash Cup, where he took the first place.

Today LIRIK closes our top. He performed very well at the end of the month and became one of the most popular streamers on Half-Life: Alyx on the first week on Twitch. The peak on his broadcast was 64K viewers.

This is not the end of our March statistics, our team has prepared for you the rating of the most popular streamers on Mixer and the most popular categories on Twitch.

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