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The most popular streamers of December on Mixer

The most popular streamers of December on Mixer

In December, the top popularity spot has changed hands once again. It was regained by Ninja, while his rival has dropped by a couple of spots. We will talk about this in more detail in our Mixer summary for December 2019.

As you may have understood, by the end of the year, the top spot of the Mixer visibility ranking was occupied by Ninja. During the last month of the year, he was able to collect a 1 million 487 thousand hours watched, as well as 30 thousand peak viewers.

During December, Ninja's personal channel was fully dedicated to Fortnite. The streamer himself has commented on it, saying that he enjoys the battle royale and its new patch. Tyler was also invited to the Fortnite Champion Series, with his battles from there being also broadcasted on his channel.

Shroud (the main rival of Ninja) has found himself on the third spot of the ranking in December. One reason for this was him having less of airtime. Another reason would be that Shroud has chosen to focus on the less popular games (unlike Ninja). These games include the niche projects (such as the Path of Exile), as well as shooters (such as Escape of Tarkov).

The top 10 also features some new faces. The tenth spot went to MinisterioCL, a popular youtuber with more than 150 thousand YouTube subscribers. On the other hand, MinisterioCL participates in Twitch partnership program, and his latest stream on this platform has occurred only a few weeks ago.

Another newcomer to the top is the channel known as Ponomar, engaged in the round-the-clock broadcasting of Forza Horizon 4. In case you are not aware of this, the viewers of this game's streams receive special points that can be spent on the unique content in the game's store. This kind of point-farming channels also exist for the games by Hi-Rez Studio.

The rest of the ranking is filled by either the “Internet radio”-style channels or the pages for special points farming. As of today, Mixer seems to have a shortage of real streamers – which is also reflected in our top that almost entirely consists of the round-the-clock broadcasts.

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