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The most popular streamers of February on Mixer

The most popular streamers of February on Mixer

Despite there recent drop of public interest in regard to Mixer, the platform keeps on delivering interesting news about the eternal rivalry between Ninja and Shroud. Today we will tell you which one of them has managed to become more popular in February 2020.

And according to the results of February, Ninja became the most popular streamer, something which was impossible to achieve during the two previous months. This has happened due to the dramatic decline in the amount of Shroud's broadcasts, with his total airtime being reduced by a third compared to January. This has negatively affected the number of hours watched and caused him to lose the top spot.

We should remind you that since the beginning of 2020, Mixer has finally started to deal with the round-the-clock channels. This was supposed to help the development of the smaller channels, but there are almost no results so far – given that the top 5 most popular channels of the platform still contains three round-the-clock radio channels. It seems that the minor success of this policy in January (when one streamer has managed to break past the radio channels) was largely accidental.

There's still one big problem central to Mixer – the audience of the titans of broadcasting doesn't really stay on the platform; at best it can be said that Mixer has acquired a cross-platform audience. The fans of Ninja and Shroud seem to only watch these two channels but display no interest towards the other streamers.

Surely, Microsoft themselves are actively looking into this problem. But as of today the conclusion is as follows: the platform doesn't have any attractive points aside of Ninja and Shroud. Perhaps the situation will be resolved once Mixer lures to its side some of the lower-tier streamers as well.

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