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The most popular streamers of January on Mixer

The most popular streamers of January on Mixer

The first month of the year brought no real changes to the Mixer's most popular streamers, with the holders of the top spots remaining unchanged. We will talk about the platform's January results in today's report.

Before that, we should remind you that we have recently analyzed the last part of 2019, and you can acquaint yourself with the Q4 Mixer report on this page. Additionally, you can find out about the December popularity ranking for the same year in this news.

Shroud became the most popular streamer of January, managing to overtake his main rival at Mixer, Ninja, for the second time. It should be noted that Monstercat (which was often on the heels of this duo) has earned the 3rd spot, thus repeating its December achievement.

The January silver rank holder, Tyler Blevins, was quite popular during Q4 when compared with Shroud. On the other hand, the statistics for the last two months have shown a decline of public interest in Ninja's streams, which is the part of the global trend for the Fortnite's recent loss of popularity.

January also marks the beginning of the platform's attempts to combat the round-the-clock streams. This has resulted in some of the online radio channels having fewer hours watched when compared to the channels of ordinary streamers.

Ponomar is an example of one of the channels that were forced to stop their round-the-clock streams. This fan of the Forza racing arcade game became the fourth most watched channel, nevertheless. This is the first time this channel has managed to reach such results, as before it was usually few spots below the top 5.

When comparing the current top 10 with that of the previous month, we can see the appearance of more ordinary streamers among the most viewed channels. This shows that the audience brought by Ninja and Shroud has finally started to make use of entirety of Mixer as a platform.

Overall, the January trends at Mixer are quite similar to those seen at the end of 2019. Putting some pressure on the round-the-clock streams has brought some benefits, but in the short run these aren't that noticeable yet.

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