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The concluding remarks on The Leipzig Major

The concluding remarks on The Leipzig Major

The Leipzig Major became the first large-scale Dota 2 championship in 2020. This event has improved on the results of the first major of the 2019/20 DPC season, but did not manage to become the best entry in the series. We will tell you more about its results in today's article.

All in all, DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major shows mixed results. The reached mark of 475 thousand peak viewers was much higher than the one of the season's first major. When compared to the MDL Chengdu Major, there's the gap of 34% in favor of the European tournament. As for the average viewers indicator, it overtakes the one of the Chengdu Major by as much as 98%.

However, the same competition from the last season (The Chongqing Major) has a peak viewers indicator that's slightly (by 5%) better and is equal to 503 thousand viewers. However, The Leipzig Major leads by its average viewers indicator, which is 42% higher.

This is not accidental, seeing how the CIS has managed to stand out at The Chongqing Major. Russian-speaking players are widely known to be one of the main Dota 2 audiences. The year 2019 saw the Virtus.pro team entering this Chinese competition and even fighting for the cup itself. Their struggle was seen by 238 thousand peak viewers at the Russian-language stream. But as the luck of the CIS-based fans would have it, this region's performance at The Leipzig Major was one of the worst. It speaks volumes that even the mark of 208 thousand peak viewers was obtained during the relegation match of Na'Vi vs Liquid. To compare, the final match of Secret vs EG, it has gathered 198 thousand viewers, which is a little less.

Now, which teams were all in all more popular? The Evil Geniuses team has gathered the highest average viewers mark of 187 thousand people, perhaps due to its multinational roster. Especially if we take into account the recent inclusion of a Russian member in its roster.

The second spot is taken by the Team Secret, who became the champions of this competition. Puppey's team was followed by 183 thousand average viewers. The bronze spot went to Nigma with their 174 thousand viewers. The new organization of KuroKy has entered the major through the minor. This team was the most popular one in the Ukrainian competition, a situation which has nearly repeated itself at the DreamLeague Season 13 – despite the fact that the team has occupied the 9-12th spots.

Dota 2 had a decent beginning of the year, with the first major tournament of 2020 being more than successful. However, the USA-based ESL One Los Angeles awaits ahead. It will show how the game's popularity has changed in North America and just how interesting will be this tournament to the regions such as the CIS and Europe.

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