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Most popular CS:GO teams of 2018

Most popular CS:GO teams of 2018

Our website has already published the full summary of the past year's events. However, we are not going to stop at only this. Now we will tell you about the 2018's ten most popular CS:GO teams.

The rating's top five looks quite legit. Astralis as currently the world champions, and have won 12 more titles over the year in addition to that. FaZe and Na’Vi have also participated in the finals, but did not receive the coveted titles. Although the rest of the teams didn't enter the top 2 at the majors, they still showed great results during the season.

The Cloud9 guys have pleasantly surprised us. The champion's title at the ELEAGUE Major gave its results, ranking this team higher than Fnatic, which also performed well throughout the year. The difference between the two is equal to 3 million viewhours.

Rating-wise, Fnatic have become something of a curiosity. Despite participating in a large number of competitions, the team did not achieve success. Yes, the Scandinavians have the champion titles of WESG 2017 and IEM Katowice 2018, but that's still not enough for the top 5. The large amount of middle-to-low places taken at various competitions has also partially decreased their rank.

At the same time, we'd like to note SK Gaming and MiBR. Combined successes of these two teams would be worthy of fourth place. However, as the Brazilians have departed for their own brand, the German organization no longer had the power to break into the top 5 most popular teams – which have left the teams in tenth and ninth places, respectively.

We should also note the Swedes from Ninjas in Pyjamas. Despite displaying the mediocre results at both the Major competitions and regular tournaments, this organization (along with its CS:GO roster) has managed to reach eighth place. This was facilitated by taking part in incredibly spectacular matches and having a large fan base, which is still around ever since the “golden age” of NiP.

Speaking about the “golden age”, let's talk about Natus Vincere. After the return of Daniel Teslenko (better known as Zeus) to the roster of “born to win”, the team finally returned to the top. After having a not very successful 2017, the five yellow-blacks have managed to recover their influence on the world stage. This was facilitated by both the new captain and the incredible ace of the team in face of S1mple.

One final of the major and 4 champion titles allowed the organization to get to the third place in the most popular teams ranking. Perhaps, a victory at the World Championship or another cup taken allowed Na’Vi to rise higher, but as a result we have what we have - lagging 100 thousand viewhours behind FaZe Clan, and hence behind the second place.

As a result, we can say that the 2018 was extremely interesting. At the end of the year, Astralis turned out to be real titans of the competitive scene. At the same time, the successes of some teams at the beginning of the season had a long-lasting effect of working in their favor.

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