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The most popular LoL teams of 2018

The most popular LoL teams of 2018

Our web portal has already published the articles about the most popular CS:GO and Dota 2 teams. Now comes the turn of the most popular esports discipline – League of Legends.

Quite predictably, the guys from Fnatic have occupied the top ranking spot. Aside of performing decently throughout the season inside their own region, the team has also displayed a top-notch performance at the world stage. The World Championship final where they have met IG as their opponents, became one of the team's most successful results, second only to obtaining the champion title in the first season.

As for the second finalists (Invictus Gaming), they have managed to gather little to no sympathies from the audience this time. Provided that Chinese platforms were not taken into account, the Worlds performance of Invictus Gaming only warrants 10th place in our ranking, which is sort of sad sight for the reigning World Champions.

The overall ranking features 4 Korean teams at once. While their results at the last tournament of the 8th season weren't that worthy, this didn't prevent them from occupying nearly half of top 10 most popular teams. At the same time, China, North America and Europe each have only two representatives on this list.

However, China would lose one spot in the ranking if it were not for the phenomenal result obtained by IG at the Worlds. That spot would go to the North America (with 100T as its representative). As a result, popularity-wise LPL seems to be the weakest link among the competitions we have presented today.

The results shown by RNG are surprising. Royal Never Give Up are still the most popular Chinese team outside its jurisdiction, and contributing to this is a rather large history of the team when it comes to LoL. This tag protects the honor of its country on the world stage since 2016. Last year it reached the MSI championship, with Uzi himself finally reaching the top. It seems that the fans from our region have appreciated these efforts, providing the team with a hefty amount of views.

All in all, it can be said that such a ranking is a perfect way to show the popularity of not only the teams, but also of the regions as a whole. LCK tends to always attract a lot of interest. This is because Korea has a good reputation based on all its achievements in the international competitions. Additionally, this particular region serves as the place of origin for many unusual tactics and ideas to be utilized in competitive gaming.

LCS (which was still divided into EU and NA as of 2018) has its own audience pool that only keeps growing with time. This is clearly demonstrated by the results of the spring splits of the last two seasons, and even more so considering the first successes of the new franchise league of the European Union – LoL European Championship.

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