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The most popular streamers of September on Mixer

The most popular streamers of September on Mixer

At Mixer, September went by without particularly interesting events. The platform did not receive a large number of new viewers. At the same time, Ninja, who came in August, suffered a significant loss of the audience. We will talk about this in today's September results of Mixer.

It is worthwhile to start from the significant decline faced by the broadcast of the former face of Twitch after the August peak of 93 thousand people. Its result in September was equal to 17 thousand peak viewers. Hours watched fell from 3 million 435 thousand to 1 million 839 thousand hours.

This difference was precisely the reason why Tyler’s channel moved from the first place. At the end of September, he lost his position to the music stream from Monstercat. In defense of Ninja, it is worth adding that the label's official channel is online 24/7. However, in the past this fact did not hamper him in any way.

What about the other three? Compared to the last month of the summer, the positions of the channels have not changed. At the center of the list, we still have VintageRoom, followed by ChilledCat, and with KemaBaba closing the top 5.

Third and fourth place share the genre niche with Monstercat, being also engaged in broadcasting music without even slightest interruptions. At the same time, KemaBaba provides constant Paladins: Champions of the Realm broadcasting.

As we mentioned last month, the developers of this game have an affiliate program with Mixer. Thanks to it, the platform viewers receive a special currency and can spend it to unlock cosmetic changes in the game store.

The official Paladins channel is worth noting as well, taking the fifth spot across the platform based on the hours watched (with the same result being obtained based on the peak viewers as well).

In the case of Hi-Rez, it must be added that the studio has partially switched to YouTube. In September, Google's platform received broadcasts of Paladins Minor League matches. At the same time, the titular competition of the Paladins Premier League discipline remained on Mixer.

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