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Top-20 popular games in October via Twitch

Top-20 popular games in October via Twitch

Our service continues to evolve, rapidly building up new functions and capabilities. We do not want to limit ourselves to esports alone because we are interesting in the entire streaming industry. Let's watch which games were the most popular among the viewers on Twitch in October and compare the results with the previous months.

Unquestioning king of Twitch has always been the League of Legends. A lot of streamers and a huge fan base made this game stably the most popular in Twitch. However, the trend of the past few months demonstrated that the new multiplayer game PlayerUknown's Battleground is rapidly gaining momentum. PUBG has seven times less streamers, but according to the audience, the game is already approaching to the eternal champion and often takes first place in the top at specific moments. PUBG can claims the “Game of the year” title and it is for sure a phenomenon of the year. It is difficult to imagine how the game will evolve in the future.

Hearthstone, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 take their traditional places in the top of the most popular broadcasts. The new patch in Dota 2 did not bring the expected increase of audience interest, but things can be changed with the release of the new rating system.

Football is an extremely popular type of sport, therefore the release of FIFA 18 attracted a lot of attention from the world community. The game consistently held positions in the top 10 most popular broadcasts throughout the October. We expect that FIFA 18 will lose some viewers next month. Warframe, a f2p shooter, had a large addon at October. This fact motivated a huge amount of people to learn new content via online broadcasts. However, the drop in number of viewers will be significant in November. For example, this has happened with Destiny 2 — there are almost no viewers on Twitch nowadays.

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