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The most popular Trovo streamers and categories in September

The most popular Trovo streamers and categories in September

We continue our monthly reports series, and today we'll find out which games and streamers were the most popular on Trovo in September.

As in August, the first category of the platform is Call of Duty Mobile, this month it experienced a slight increase in Hours Watched - 7,4%, but the peak decreased by 72 viewers.

GTA V has grown significantly this month. The Hours Watched increased by 33%, but the Peak remained at the same level.  

League of Legends' Hours Watched growth concluded 26%, and this is caused primarily by the start of the most prominent tournament in the discipline - Worlds 2020. The play-In stage has broken the record of last year on Day 1. The main reason for this increase is that the owners of Trovo are Tencent. They broadcast League of Legends tournaments and cover this event in China.

To not miss this large-scale competition - read our Viewer's Guide, there we've summed up all the info about the schedule and the broadcasts.

The situation on this platform is the same, Among Us deposed other categories and appeared on the 4thspot of our rank with 282K Hours Watched and 2,8K Peak Viewers.

Minecraft distinguished itself with the highest peak among all categories - 5,2K viewers. Impe contributed the most to this result because the viewers watched the game mostly on his channel. The Hours Watched of the category have grown by 49%.

Dota 2 also improved its stats: Hours Watched increase concluded 74% because streamers broadcast such events as OMEGA League and BTS Pro Series on their channels.

Fall Guys can't show off with its achievements because the game has lost three positions for the month. The Hours Watched and Peak Viewers decreased by 42% due to new and trendy categories on the platform. Fortnite has also gone three categories down, and Peak Viewers decreased by 15%

The VALORANT state of affairs on Trovo is tragic because it dropped out of our Top-10 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has taken its position.

There's a new leader on Trovo this month - GuhSajan from Serbia. His Hours Watched increased by 15%, though he streamed 10 hours less this month. He achieved this result thanks to the battles in Among Us, League of Legends, and Fall Guys.

English has not become the most popular language on the platform yet. This month the streamers from Serbia prevailed in our top.

Most of the top streamers are still streaming GTA V, so the situation hasn’t changed.  German streamer Exsl reached the top-2 streamers in just a month, improving his Hours Watched by 40%.

#1 of August, Spanish-speaking streamer Parka lost five positions, his Hours Watched decreased by 16%, and Lux27_Live became the most popular English-speaking streamer, displacing Cowsep.

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