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Russian Twitch analysis for July

Russian Twitch analysis for July

Our blog summarizes the most popular Twitch categories monthly. Today we will expand on this topic a bit and talk about the top 20 games of the platform's Russian-speaking community in July 2019.

We will measure popularity based on the total number of hours watched. Such data perfectly demonstrates the interest of the audience, and we often use it in other summaries. Today it will support this particular ranking.

We can start from a quite obvious statement. Reigning in eastern Europe, and more precisely in its Russian-speaking part, is the strategy from Valve. As you've understood, the largest result based on hours watched goes to Dota 2.

The result is even more striking when comparing it with the figures derived from the entire service. In July, this MOBA has collected 41 million hours across the entire platform. The Russian community alone has a figure of 23 million. This means that more than half of the hours watched were generated by viewers from Ukraine and the CIS.

When summarizing the twenty most popular games among the Russian-speaking gamers, then Dota will claim a whole 41% of the total number of hours. For comparison, the second spot in the list, Just Chatting, has only 13%. The bronze spot in the ranking, occupied by CS:GO, has a slightly smaller figure – 11%. This once again proves the enormous power of this strategy in the post-Soviet market.

Other interesting aspects in the ranking are also worth noting. For example, while Fortnite and LoL dominate the world, in the CIS the results displayed by these two games are not quite encouraging. The battle royale from Epic Games occupies the fifth spot. At the same time, the creation of Riot Games is not even included in the top 10. LoL stopped merely at the 12th spot.

At the same time, Russian-speaking viewers love excitement, as indicated by the categories “Slots” and Poker. The former takes the eleventh spot, and the latter the seventeenth spot. In the world, only “Slots” have managed to get in the top 20. The category took the last spot there, and the CIS contribution to the final result was equal to approximately 16%.

The industry's classic games have performed surprisingly well among the audience studied. In July, Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death took 16th spot in the ranking. What can we say, this turn-based strategy has always had a separate place in the hearts of Russian-speaking gamers.

Some of the recently hyped topics, such as the autobattlers, can be found among the interests of the CIS. The new Valve Dota Underlords game took the sixth spot, and Riot's “chess” took eighth spot. Only Russian-speaking Twitch has the Underlords showing the advantage, in other cases TeamFight Tactics shows the best result.

In conclusion, we can say with confidence that the post-Soviet space is the territory of Valve. More than half of the consumed content falls on the projects of this studio. However, these gamers love to diversify their pastime with both the industry newcomers and the more classic games like Heroes of Might and Magic.

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