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Twitch Analysis for April 2019

Twitch Analysis for April 2019

As April came to an end, this gives us opportunity to summarize the results of the fourth month of spring. Today we will tell you about the behavior of Twitch.tv audience as compared to the previous results, as well as about the respective impact on the popularity of categories.

Qualifiers for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup allowed the game to return to the first spot of the ranking. Many popular streamers (such as TFue) broadcasted their journey to the main event of the year. At the same time, a temporary absence of events on the professional League of Legends scene (due to preparation for the Mid-Season Invitational) became an additional bonus for the shooter.

We were surprised by GTA V, which has managed to remain in the top 3 even after the decline of the popularity of Role Play mode. In the future, however, the game may well leave the top 10 in case the trend for the decline of interest in RP will continue. As of now, the creation of Rockstar shows an excellent result which allows it to stay in the top portion of the list.

Speaking about the excellent results, we should definitely mention the new Mortal Kombat as well as the Escape From Tarkov. The former has received a warm welcome among the viewers due to its novelty. According to the players, for a fighting game, this entry has introduced a lot of interesting changes and features. It seems that the Twitch users think so as well.

As for the latter, apparently it owes its growth in popularity to Shroud. His has contributed a total of 1 million 98 thousand viewhours (around 16%) to the overall result. Mike has brought new people into the game, streamers and viewers alike. This has allowed the shooter to rise to the 20th place.

Apex Legends should be mentioned separately, as the creation of Respawn is going through a hard time. After a loud start, the game's popularity keeps on declining. Some believe that this “battle royale” will soon return to the top. However, in case the developers will fail to provide proper support as soon as possible, the shooter's very existence will simply collapse.

Hearthstone has shown a good performance. Blizzard's CCG has climbed six positions in the ranking, this growth being due to the new esports system and its first tournaments. This allowed HS to increase its audience and take the fifth place in the ranking, leaving behind many opponents (such as the Dota 2 and PUBG).

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