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Most popular Twitch channels of the first half of 2020

Most popular Twitch channels of the first half of 2020

More than half a year has passed, and a lot of things happened during this relatively short time. Some of them had a huge impact on the popularity of streams on all the platforms. However, in our article we are only going to look at how it has affected Twitch.

Viewership spike

Increase in viewership has been happening since the beginning of 2020. However, as we've mentioned before, the viewership has increased drastically mostly because of the implementation of quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of it as early as March Twitch viewership peaked at 5.5 million viewers. Recent PS5 presentation has attracted an enormous number of people, which helped Twitch set a new record up to a 6 million viewers. In comparison - previous amount of viewers on the platform didn't exceed more than 3,5 million viewers.

Swedish streamer Anomaly has definitely become the biggest discovery of the year among the streamers. In comparison to 2019 his viewership has spiked by a mind- boggling 4265%. More famous streamers also have had some increase in viewership, although it's not even close in comparison to Anomaly.

Viewership of the Brazilian streamer gAuLeS has increased by 232%, and one of the most entertaining LoL streamers Tyler1 had an increase in viewership by 48% compared with the last year. gAuLeS also has been a most popular streamer on the platform both in May and in June.

It's also worth noting that some big releases happened during the first half of the year. In early spring Riot Games has released their new shooter called Valorant, which has broken a record for peak viewers on Twitch, and the game has remained a "hot topic' for a few months.

The biggest streamer

After the first half of the year Summit1G became the most popular streamer. Jaryd Russell Lazar is one of the old-timers. His viewership peaked when he was streaming Escape From Takrov. Valorant was the second most popular game on his channel. The hype surrounding Riot Games first-person-shooter was insane, and Russel did not miss the opportunity.

By the way, Lazar has also in some way "resurrected" Sea of Thieves. It happened during the time when Jaryd decided to cosplay as a pirate, and because of the combination of Summit1G charisma and quite an interesting gameplay, a lot of viewers have decided to try out the game themselves. As a result, a lot of streamers have also decided to give the game a second chance.

gAuLeS became the second most popular streamer. In Brazil almost everyone are watching big CS:GO tournaments only on his streams. His channel has helped increase the popularity of a lot of tournaments, and the BLAST Premier even broke the record - around 390,000 concurrent viewers were watching the tournament at its peak. Besides that, gAuLeS has participated in some big events, like the virtual Formula 1 race, where he competed not only with other streamers, but with some of the greatest motorsports legends.

Xqc became the third most popular streamer. Fun fact: all three of them have been pro players at some point of their life. In 2020 Félix has also participated in various events: streamed a lot of Valorant when it was still in Beta, tried out Sea of Thieves, and so on. XqC viewers have particularly enjoyed his chess streams. His impulsiveness and competitive mindset was just a perfect fit for this kind of a game, and his "playstyle" has generated a lot of memes amongst other streamers and even some professional chess players. Fortunately for everyone, except for Félix, the legendary ScholarMate will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions

YouTuber Rubius has definitely showed to everyone how loyal his fans are. He currently has more than 38 million subscribers on YouTube. When he decided to start streaming, part of his YouTube viewers immediately tuned in. And just like that he became the 10th most popular streamer of the first half of the year.

As we've mentioned earlier, Swedish streamer Anomaly has definitely had the most impressive results, especially in comparison with his results in the previous year. And again, Valorant has definitely played a big role in his success, especially considering the fact that he was streaming 24/7 at that time, and a lot of viewers have watched his stream non-stop in hope to get a Beta invite for the game.

Studios have also managed to get in our top 10 list. In particular ESL CS:GO channel and a very well organized channel by the news portal Fextralife. The first one is somewhat obvious - ESL became the fourth most popular channel by streaming its own tournaments, but guys from Fextralife earned their 6th place by hard work and dedication. They even devoted a great deal of attention to the new PoE league, even though the game itself is not that popular at the moment.

But, as always, there are ups, and there are downs. The biggest Fortnite streamer, TFue, has experienced a large decline in viewership. To be precise, amount of hours watched on his channel has plummeted by one third in comparison with the last year, and it's only been 6 months. It happened mostly because of the overall decline in popularity of Fortnite. Epic Games battle royale is no longer dominating the scene, and because of that other channels are taking over.

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