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Twitch Analysis for February

Twitch Analysis for February

In comparison with January, in February we see again the shift in watched categories ranking, especially in the second part of it. Let’s dive into all the details of these changes.

This month, our Twitch leaders didn’t lose their ground. LoL even outturned Just Chatting on 98K in the peak viewers category, although in January they were pretty equal. We can see a slight growth of CS:GO popularity thanks to different tournaments, especially to IEM Katowice 2020, which was hold in the end of the month and helped to boost the in-game online and set a new record.

Dota 2 has lost 2 positions and we can assume that most part of viewers has switched to Counter Strike, because there were no significant Dota 2 events during February. In March the situation will improve because of the upcoming DOTA Summit 12, StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 and ESL One Los Angeles 2020.

The hype among Escape from Tarkov has come to its end and after such rapid growth in December (+8 positions) and in January (+5 positions)  the viewers’ interest started to vanish.

As for Apex Legends, it has received its own moment to shine and has climbed 6 spots higher. This month Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown has shown nice results. New System Override Collection Event also attracted the viewers on Apex Legends' streams. It’s important to mention upcoming first major of the 2020 Apex Legends Global Series season. We’re sure that it will impact on the Twitch ranking in March.

Moving on to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Six Invitational 2020 has promoted really well this discipline. That’s why they managed to ascend from 16th to 11th position only for 1 month. Spacestation Gaming became the winners of the tournament and peak viewers' mark has come to 303K viewers. More about this tournament you can read in our blog. We definitely can expect the further growth of the viewing mark of this discipline till April because of the ongoing Pro League Season 11.

FIFA 2020 has shown worse results than in December and lost 4 positions. PUBG also experienced the biggest decrease in popularity. The reason for that is the popularity of mobile version of this discipline and also some part of the audience switched to Apex Legends because of constant updates and similarity of these two games.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem stood out the most and rushed into this top from the 395 position. The game was released on 13th of February, 2020, after 4 years of Early Access. Even though most part of gamers complain about the in-game bugs and the fact that the developers acknowledged that they didn’t expect such influx of players, which led to some troubles with servers, the game has won the heart of spectators with its style and storyline.

The last spot of Top Twitch categories is Rocket League, which received its own public acclaim thanks to current RLCS Season 9, which will finish in March. There was a large increase in popularity of the discipline in the NA region, compared to RLCS Season 8: North America's peak viewership on the broadcast increased on 50K people at the beginning of the season.

Overall, we can see some rapid changes in the popularity of Twitch categories. In connection with the upcoming events, we can assume that March analytics will be interesting, so subscribe to our socials in order not to miss the results.

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