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The most popular Twitch categories of March

The most popular Twitch categories of March

In March, a number of interesting games were added to the gaming industry. Meanwhile, the platform itself has experienced an influx of viewers given the quarantine that is currently affecting a number of countries. We will tell you how the Twitch categories were influenced by this in March 2020.

League of Legends continues staying at the top spot. The MOBA has already been the most popular title on the platform for several months and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Additionally, for the second month in a row, this category is followed by the Just Chatting one – which is used by many streamers when they are taking a break between the games.

Call of Duty was the biggest surprise by far, with its free battle royale mode bringing it 15 spots higher at once, and allowing the shooter to reach the third spot. And that's while keeping a decent advantage over CS:GO (which is currently at the fourth spot).

As for the creation of Epic Games, it continues facing difficulties. With every passing month we continue to witness the battle royale drowning in more and more problems. This was true even in March, when Twitch has enjoyed an increased number of viewers due to quarantines around the world. These viewers were not too eager to visit the Fortnite broadcasts.

Path of the Exile stays true to its traditions. The game's new league has appeared in the middle of March, bringing the players lots of new content; enough that it would be interesting to explore it not only on their own, but also through watching the streams. This has added extra flavor to the special race among this category's streamers – of which Mathil1 has managed to become the most popular one.

The introduction of the new content has helped yet another game to return to the top 20: TeamFight Tactics. With the Riot Games opening the access to the third set in March, the old players have returned to the autobattler. This has also affected the popularity of streamers, with Shaunz becoming the most watched channel of this category in March. The new viewers were attracted by this as well, but would it be enough for the title to keep its spot in April?

Half-Life: Alyx was the one of month's bigger releases. Despite this, the viewer interest, in this case, has only amounted to the 4 million hours watched – which is really not much for the platform's top 20. But in case you are interested in the topic of Half-Life's new iteration, we have recently inspected this game's viewability results in our blog.

DOOM Eternal, which was another strong release of March, has shown better performance. The new chapter in the history of the legendary shooter was able to collect a little more than 10 million hours watched. Unlike Half-Life: Alyx, this was nearly enough to enter the top 20, considering that the difference with the 20th spot has only amounted to one million hours.

Among the month's newcomers, the booming popularity of Animal Crossing was unrivaled. The appeal of game to all kinds of viewers has allowed it to collect nearly 30 million hours watched in less than a month. This indicator is much larger than that of many titans of the platform. However, the recent results show that in April this newcomer may already leave the top.

Overall, March has shown us that even the most anticipated new games can turn out lackluster, being a far cry of the popularity ranking's top 20. If you want to keep up to date with the recent news, be sure to subscribe to our pages on VK, Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to share your opinion on our official Discord server.

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