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Twitch Analysis for May 2019

Twitch Analysis for May 2019

May came to an end, which means it is time to provide the respective summary. The end of spring has turned out to be ripe for various events. Some studios have revealed their new games, and Kojima has finally released the trailer for his new creation.

Fortnite is again at the top of the list – all in all, the top 3 most popular categories have shown no changes since the last month. At the same time, the situation beyond the top 10 was rather interesting, with each position getting updated, and closing the top 20 was the newcomer in face of Mordhau.

The largest growth can be attributed to the gambling category – which is surprising, given the platform's recent attempts to fight such activities (even deleting entire sections). Now it seems that the tides have turned in favor of the gambling fans.

HearthStone's success wasn't that big. Blizzard's card game is now four spots away from the top, now being placed below Overwatch and WoW. It seems that even the new esports format (featuring a large number of interesting matches coming from GrandMasters) did not allow the game to gain a high enough foothold.

World of Warcraft deserves a special mention. This popular MMO has received a decent amount of new viewers thanks to the beta testing of the classic version of game. Additionally, two channels of this category have entered the top 5 most popular streamers due to activities of this kind. More information about this situation can be found here.

Auto Chess is also steadily gaining momentum. This Dota 2 "custom" shows strong presence all while leaving many popular games behind. Moreover, today these Chess are more popular than such veterans of the industry as Call of Duty and FIFA. Who knows what will happen to the game when Valve releases its official version.

To conclude, we should tell you that the summer split of the League of Legends Season 9 starts in June. This means that this game will once again have a good chance of taking the first place of the ranking. Of course, we will tell you about the results of the first month of summer. In order not to miss them, be sure to subscribe to our social networks and don’t forget about the official Esports Charts Discord server.

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