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Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown #2: Viewership stats

Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown #2: Viewership stats

The new Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown #2 continued the summer competition series on Twitch.

The event took place in the same two regions - Europe and North America. 30 teams of 3 streamers in each participated in each region, so the data must be exciting.

North America has collected 80K viewers at the peak; half of the viewers watched the battle on the official Twitch Rivals channel.

The most popular independent streamer is Yoda, he has collected 11K viewers at the peak and has attracted the most part of Portuguese-speaking audience to the broadcast.

Hayashii, Zigueira, Thedarkness, and Tigeryuuk joined him, so 21K Portuguese-speaking viewers watched the stream of Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown #2.

Drlupo became most popular among English streamers - 9,2K viewers at the peak. Sypherpk and Daltoosh also appeared at the top of the list by Peak Viewers. 61K English-speaking viewers watched the broadcast.

The winners of the North American region are Zytiv, Corrosive103, and Urbuns.

Moving on to Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Europe Launch Showdown #2.

Twitch Rivals again became the most popular channel - 24K Peak Viewers. Wtcn from Turkey is leading among streamers - 11K viewers at the peak. As always, the European region distinguished itself with the division by languages.

Maihopawango lured a lot of German-speaking audience - 9K at the peak. Mrkeroro10 and Dheylo are main favorites among Spanish-speaking viewers, they’ve contributed 16,4% to total Hours Watched number.

Italian-speaking viewers watched the broadcast mostly because of Pow3rtv, and Welovegames channel attracted Russian-speaking fans. 

XyBr, OfficialPiggy, and Ryobe took the Crown in the European region.

Europe has overtaken North America only on 1K Peak Viewers, but NA is leading by Hours Watched with the same gap. So we can conclude that the tournaments were equally popular among their audience.

The first Twitch Rivals Hyper Scape Launch Showdown was hosted right after the game release, and we’ve discussed its result in the separate article.

Comparing the results of all tournaments, Hyper Scape managed to attract the viewers on its broadcasts, but the situation with Hours Watched is entirely different. The Hours Watched of the European region decreased by 6,7%, and North America experienced a drop by 5,8%.

More about Twitch Rivals events of this summer you can find here.

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