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Twitch Rivals: The results of August

Twitch Rivals: The results of August

During August, Twitch held six competitions. In this article, we would like to summarize the results of the Rivals tournament series for the last month of summer. You can check the results of the previous month (when TeamFight Tactics became the most popular game) on this page.

As usual, the ranking of the most popular disciplines will be based on three indicators: peak viewers, average viewers and hours watched.

First, let's look at the top based on the peak broadcast viewers. In the first spot is the Fortnite Battle Royale championship. The maximum number of viewers of this championship has reached 193 thousand.

Next is another representative of the “royale” genre. The single tournament for Apex Legends has brought together a little less – 176 thousand people. This means the game is lacking only 17 thousand viewers to reach the top spot.

It is worth mentioning that more “significant” event for this game was less interesting for the game's audience — the qualifier stage for the main competition at TwitchCon gathered only 52 thousand peak viewers.

Completing the top 3 of the peak viewers-based ranking is the League of Legends championship. Having an unusual format, the event has received the result of 100 thousand peak viewers. Compared to its past successes, TFT may no longer look impressive – but it still looks worthy, nevertheless.

In terms of the average broadcast viewers, the situation has not changed. Each competition has remained at the same respective spot. Even the differences between the various spots in the top have been preserved in a nearly identical fashion.

The situation changes when comparing the hours watched. However, this presents one problem: difference in airtime. As you can see on the chart, in 4 hours of broadcasting, Apex Legends Solo Showdown collected almost as many hours watched as was received the League of Legends event. This difference between the broadcasts of two competitions has reached the whole 9 hours.

Fortnite Showdown became the most popular Twitch Rivals tournament in August, standing out both by taking the first spot by peak- and average viewers indicators alike, as well as by the hours watched indicator.

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