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Twitch Rivals: The results of September

Twitch Rivals: The results of September

September was a busy month for Twitch Rivals, given that it was the time for the main convention of the platform – TwitchCon. Held within its bounds were the competitions in top disciplines, such as League of Legends or Fortnite.

In total, 11 tournaments took place in the series over the first month of fall. Among them are the qualifier competitions “Road To TwitchCon.” It was through them that the participants received invitations to the LAN finals.

Let's start with the average broadcast viewers-based ranking. At its top is the TeamFight Tactics competition. The tournament for this game was followed by 95 thousand average viewers. And again, an autobattler from Riot Games has managed to get ahead of the main game of the studio.

The second most popular event was the Fortnite Championship. Its result was equal to 87 thousand viewers. The Epic Games' battle royale overtook League of Legends, but still lost to this game's “brother.”

Completing the “medalists” was LoL. The most popular MOBA was able to gather 68 thousand average viewers. It should be added that the result has almost repeated the qualifier competition that took place at the beginning of the month. At that time, it amounted to 64 thousand viewers.

When looking at the peak viewers-based ranking, the situation changes slightly. In this case, the top spot goes to the Fortnite tournament with its mark of 214 thousand peak viewers, which is 34 thousand more compared to the second spot.

And the second spot is occupied by the League of Legends event which has a result of 180 thousand. Following it is another creation of Riot Games – TFT. At the convention, the autobattler's peak viewers indicator has reached 129 thousand viewers.

In the case of ranking by hours watched, everything changes even more. The top spot goes back to Fortnite. The total number here has reached a result of almost a million hours watched.

However, this time the second spot went not to the main League of Legends championship that was held at TwitchCon, but to its qualifier stage. Twitch Rivals qualifier has collected 659 thousand hours watched, while the final championship only reached 493 thousand. This is the result of a difference in airtime, which amounted to as much as 3 hours (30%).

As a result, TwitchCon has received a large share of esports fun. Despite the fact that the organizers decided to overlook the game of Valve, the event, nevertheless, received competitions both in leading disciplines and less popular projects.

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