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The most popular streamers in July

The most popular streamers in July

July came to an end, which means it's time to sum up the month. Today we will talk about the most popular streamers of the seventh month of 2019.

First, it’s worth noting that the July Twitch Rivals was dedicated to TeamFight Tactics. When it comes to the results shown by many participants of the ranking, it was this particular event that became the source of the majority of extra hours watched.

We usually compare the general results and the results of the Russian-language section of Twitch. As it turned out in July, the occupants of the first spots of either ranking haven't changed. The English-language section was boosted by TFue and his Fortnite adventures, while ALOHADANCE became the one “crowned” by the CIS audience.

Taking the second spot (across the entire platform) was Shroud. As of 2019, it is the first time Michael manages to reach such a high spot in the ranking. Previously, the third spot was his limit. Helping him to reach such an achievement were not only his own fans, but also by the communities of Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Dropping in the ranking were xQc and Ninja. The former OW pro continues his quest of constantly discovering new games – which is why he sometimes fails to display high enough view rates. But judging by the feedback of his fans, they actually favour such an approach.

For Tyler Blevins, the (relatively small) vacation ended up becoming a negative factor. Even so, his channel managed to climb high enough in the overall ranking of pages, getting to the 12th spot. He has also earned the final spot in the list of top 5 streamers. In August, he will completely abandon the platform, choosing to broadcast his game on Microsoft's platform – Mixer.

We were pleasantly surprised by gAuLeS. After four months, the Brazilian participant returned into platform's top. In the past, he got this result due to the broadcast of MiBR matches. In July, the commentator continued with his activity, now covering the performance of Brazilian teams at Americas Minor.

The Russian-speaking audience also has an interesting state of affairs. Yes, ALOHADANCE is at the top, but the other spots are all jumbled up.

The second spot of the ranking is kept by ybicanoooobov. His Dota 2 content still help him to stay in the top five most popular CIS streamers. However, his colleague Stray228 was not so successful, having dropped two spots at once – and only a couple of months ago he was at the top of the ranking.

DreadzTv channel was ranked third. In many ways, has happened due to a special event of the channel owner. Andrei again held his well-known “Stream Hut” with the most popular personalities of the post-Soviet space. Although in the end he got a ban for using a “forbidden word.”

Closing the top 5 ranking is the personal broadcast of SilverName. Due to having some responsibilities, Vladislav is unable to stream during specific time. But the recent release of the TFT autobattler helped him stay in the top 5.

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