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The most popular streamers of June

The most popular streamers of June

In June, Twitch has experienced a real hype. The releases of new auto-battler genre games, presentations by major publishers at E3, and much more. All of this has largely shaped the platform's outlook. Today we will tell you how such effects have affected the ranking of the most popular streamers.

First off, it is worth noting that TFue has again managed to get to the top of the popularity ranking. His audience only keeps growing, which is the reason for him occupying the top spot for the second month in a row. This is facilitated by both the decrease of hype related to scandal with Faze and the ending of World Championship qualifiers in the past month.

This month was excellent for xQc. Known by his fines and scandals, this player stays strong after leaving the professional Overwatch scene. Now he can rightfully call himself one of the most popular streamers, given that in June his channel reached the second spot of our ranking.

Asmongold, who mostly deals with WoW streams, also shows surprising performance. As it turned out, the hype around this game has not yet died down, allowing this player to remain in the top 5 (despite going down one spot), taking fifth spot in the ranking.

In turn, Shroud continues to wobble around the top 5 spots. This player is not very stable due to not specializing at one game only. Instead, he streams whatever is to his liking at any given moment. Sometimes this helps his channel and sometimes not.

If there's a player whose stability played a bad trick on him, that would be Ninja. He is facing a slight yet continuous decline since the beginning of the year. He was unable to return to top 3 for five months already. It seems that nothing has helped him so far, not even the often-mentioned qualifiers for the main Fortnite tournament of the year.

The situation among the Russian viewers is also interesting. In June, stray228 was pushed out of the top spot by the former pro player, ALOHADANCE. This feat became possible due to the latter's large amount of airtime, equal to 303 hours of streaming over the last month. Such a figure is nearly equal to those of the official broadcasts of EPICENTER Major and StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 combined. Indeed, a result worthy of the top spot.

Meanwhile, SilverName has suffered a significant loss, his result being only enough for securing the fourth spot in the ranking (that's as compared to the last month's second spot). Partly to blame is the rule which prevents him from simultaneously participating in the tournament and streaming from that very tournament.

More stable results were shown by ybicanoooobov, who keeps on maintaining his position in the ranking, namely the third spot. He may have some problems to face in July though, given that many popular streamers will head out to the open qualifiers for The International 2019.

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