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The most popular streamers of September on Twitch

The most popular streamers of September on Twitch

September has come to an end and it is time to summarize the results of the month. We have already reviewed the results of the Twitch categories, but what about the streamers of the platform?

Overall, just like in the previous article, the WoW remained at the top. More precisely, the first spot in terms of popularity is still occupied by Asmongold. His adventures in the classic version of the game are still popular with the audience – therefore, the large number of views brought by World of Warcraft Classic allowed him to become the platform's most popular streamer for the second time.

The second spot of the ranking went to a newcomer – MontanaBlack, this title was able to climb 10 spots higher over the first month of autumn. In many ways, this result was due to the great interest of the gaming community in the updated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Bronze went to Shroud. Despite the fact that in September he was engaged in both the WoW Classic and the new COD, this raised him only by one spot. It may well be that in October we will be able to observe how he rises even higher.

A decline could be seen on part of xQc, who is a little behind Shroud. However, he will also have great chances to prove himself in October. The hype around the TwitchCon meeting is sure to give him a boost – but will it be more powerful than those received by the other channels?

Closing the platform's popularity top 5 is gaules, becoming the second user to keep his place in the ranking. His work with CS:GO continues, so there are no reasons for the decline.

According to the results of September, Dread became the first when it comes the Russian-language part of the platform. His return after an extremely disappointing block was incredibly successful, and now we have Andrey as the top Twitch streamer across the entire CIS.

Following him were the other Dota 2 streamers. Second place went to ybicanoooobov, and the third position was kept by stray228. The situation turned out like this because of a break in the competitive season of the game. The number of tournaments drops to the minimum, which can be explained with viewers switch to the individual amateur broadcasts.

The fourth across the CIS was c_a_k_e. This streamer is engaged in a variety of broadcasts. In addition, this channel does not forget about the hyped topics like the classic WoW. All of this allowed him to maintain his presence in the top 5, albeit one spot lower than in August.

Last but not least comes HoneyMad. Just like the owner of the previous spot in the ranking, he is engaged in a variety of games. In September, he've broadcasted of Call of Duty and it seems that the new shooter helped him to reach yet a “new” peak.

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