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Ubisoft Forward presentation has got two million viewers

Ubisoft Forward presentation has got two million viewers

Summer has always been the main springboard for numerous gaming announcements. During the pandemic, this trend did not disappear but evolved.

In the world of gaming, Ubisoft is at the forefront. The publisher has a huge number of studios around the world, which in turn create a plentiful number of games. That’s why many gamers were excited about the presentation.

The statistics proves it. The peak mark of the event is 2 million 353 thousand concurrent viewers. 1 million 764 thousand spectators watched the presentation on average.

English has become the most popular language among all. It has comprised 66% of the total Hours Watched number. The second language of the presentation was Spanish. We should note that Russian, which was the runner-up on The Future of Gaming Show, was only in the 3rd place on UbiForward.

Asmongold became the most popular community streamer, who was broadcasting Ubisoft Forward. He failed to overtake only two official channels of the company itself. The second streamer by Hours Watched was LIRIK. German blogger GRONKH has closed the Top-3.

Twitch was leading in terms of platforms - 53% of the total Hours Watched number. YouTube is in second place by viewership, and its result is 46% of HW. As you can see, the difference between the platforms is only 7%.

We can’t but compare the UbiForward with its main rivals - The Future of Gaming Show and Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire.

The results of Sony’s presentation are significantly higher. However, Ubisoft still gathered a lot more viewers than the last Cyberpunk 2077 show. Although, CD Project RED has its own advantages because of the number of announcements.

This state of affairs is logical because Sony is a company engaged in a huge area of work in the gaming industry: from games to the consoles. And the announcement of the new Playstation generation made their event especially popular.

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