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ESC Growth #10: An update for Esports Charts Pro

ESC Growth #10: An update for Esports Charts Pro

Our paid Esports Charts Pro subscription has received a small update to its functionality. We added new features with infographics, as well as team- and streamer-sorting capabilities. Along with this, new categories were introduced to the website.

This update has opened access to the tournament infographics. Now the both the overall results and results of the top teams are available for download. Their statistics also received new filters: you can sort the ranking of the participants by average viewers. Prior to this, only the ranking by hours watched was available.

A language filter was added to the Twitch statistics page. It may be applied to the popular channels. As a result of this, an additional downloadable infographic based on this data has appeared. As an example, with the new functionality, it is possible to get a ranking of the Russian-language Twitch channels over the past week.

Concluding today's news are the new categories that appeared at our website. Recently the disciplines available for selection were updated with new entries. The following disciplines were added to the list: TrackMania, BlazBlue, Samurai Shodown, Dead or Alive, Soulcalibur, Guilty Gear, UNIST, Farming Simulator and iRacing.

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