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Valorant esports in April 2020

Valorant esports in April 2020

The domination of Valorant on esports scene continues, the new discipline became the leader in April by viewership of Twitch categories.

78 Valorant events with broadcasts were run this month and in this article we’ll compare the tournaments’ results by regions and talk about the progress of already formed Valorant teams.

Most of the tournaments were held in EU and NA regions because there closed beta testing started first.

In European region, including CIS, 44 tournaments were held, a part of which we've discussed in the article about Valorant esports future.

G2 Esports European Brawl has the best statistical numbers in Europe, Hours Watched mark of this event is 546K hours and viewers peak concluded 111K spectators. Many pro players from teams like G2, Fnatic and Vitality took part in the event.

Cascade Leagues Weekly Cup Europe #2 also stood out, the event reached the mark of 135K Hours Watched and 19K viewers on the peak.

Although Europe has more tournaments than North America, NA region leads in terms of Hours Watched, because tournaments’ organizers rapidly attracted many popular streamers of this region. For example, on 100 Thieves Invitational VALORANT we saw such streamers as Shroud, timthetatman, DrDisrespect, Ninja, Summit1g and pro players from Team Liquid, T1 and 100Thieves.

This is the most viewed tournament of Valorant discipline at the moment. The Hours Watched number equals 2,9M hours and 400K spectators were watching the broadcasts in average.

Other North American tournaments also ahead by viewership statistics. The second most popular North American tournament was ESPN Esports Invitational, with a total of 662K Hours Watched. The game devs team have also participated in the tournament.

At the end of April on a show match VALORANT vs Loaded the game devs fought against invited players, including the top streamers of the region summit1g and shroud. Goldenboy and Rivington commented the event and 63K spectators watched the show match at the peak.

NRG and Friends Tournament can show off their star cast, not only team NRG members took part in the tournament, but also Brax, Sonii, AZK from T1, Mendo and Poach from Liquid, and also players from TSM, Sentinels and Counter Logic Gaming.

In Germany only 2 Valorant events were held. German streamer SuperBuddy organized RUSH C Invitational in the beginning of April and collected 188K of Hours Watched and 27K spectators on the peak of the broadcast. 

German streamer and caster InflamezxTV also conducted his own Inflame Cup with participants from different esports disciplines. The tournament collected 28K Hours Watched and almost 5K viewers on the peak.

French tournaments proved to be much better than German in terms of statistics. French footballer Antoine Griezmann held Grizi24H VALORANT Showmatch on his charity stream to raise money for the French Red Cross, and the stream collected 105K spectators on the peak only for 1 hour. The show featured Gotaga from Vitality, NBK from OG and ScreaM from Gamer Legion.

Twitch streamer Doigby also held a tournament called ValorShow, in which many famous French esports celebrities participated. They fought in teams of Shaunz, Skyyart, Gotaga and Jbzzz. The tournament itself caused some hype in the social networks.

Moving on to CIS region. Apex Legends player TayS held Road to Cybersport Cup #2 with such CS:GO players as keshandr and Ange1. The tournament was aired for 6 hours and collected 4K viewers at the peak.

GO2DEN Blade Storm Cup attracted a professional PUBG player MuMiNo on the tournament as a commentator. 60 teams were competing with each other, including the team of Ange1, who took the second place. 6,2K spectators watched the tournament at its peak.

Moscow Five Invitational by Moscow Five organization became the most watched CIS tournament of Valorant. 16 teams were participating in the event, including teams of S1mple, Ange1 and former member of the NAVI PUBG team - Recrent.

Thanks to such MVP’s of the pro scene Moscow Five Invitational collected 168K of Hours Watched and broadcast was viewed by 34K spectators on the peak.

Twitch Rivals Valorant took place in several regions at the beginning of the month. The prize pool of the tournament was $100,000, and this money was sent to charity funds to fight against coronavirus.  

Popular streamers from different regions such as Summit1g, TimTheTatman, Yassuo, Hiko from North America and ONSCREEN and Noizeeh from the European region also participated in the event.

Twitch Rivals Valorant was watched by 692K spectators at its peak and the Hours Watched mark reached the point of 6,3M hours. Apart from English-speaking spectators, the tournament was watched by 117K French-speaking and 90K Spanish-speaking viewers.

New Valorant esports teams

Regarding the teams, several CS:GO players announced their retirement in this discipline and their transition to Valorant. Many players from dying PUBG also switched to Valorant.

The list of official Valorant teams has expanded. Fish123 and NiP have announced their rosters in the European region. İstanbul Wildcats, which were previously known from the League of Legends announced their Valorant roster, which belongs to Central Asia region.

North America was supplemented with rosters of Gen.G Esports, Big Frames, Cloud9, Sentinels and T1.

In Asia, the entire CS:GO roster of the Absolute team has moved to Valorant under the name of Absolute JUPITER. Major Japanese organization DeToNator has also signed a Valorant roster. For some reasons, there are no official rosters in the CIS region yet.  

The hype among Valorant hasn’t disappeared and more streamers, players and organizations become interested in this game. Share your opinion on the future of Valorant in our social networks or on our Discord server.

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