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Viewership results of ePremier League Invitational

Viewership results of ePremier League Invitational

The transition of traditional sports to online because of the pandemic continued and today it's the turn of the English football premier league.

In today's article we will tell you about the results of ePremier League Invitational 2020, which collected 52K spectators at its peak, a pretty good number as for the first esports event of the English league.

The competition took place from 21 to 25 April in FIFA 2020 and was streamed not only on Twitch and YouTube but also on the English channel Sky Sports and the BBC website. The whole prize pool was donated to the National Health Service to fight against coronavirus.

A team member or a famous fan of the club represented each football club, for instance, British musician Tom Grennan played for Manchester United. The rules were that one game was considered as one round and it was a knockout tournament. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Diogo Jota (Wolverhampton Wanderers) and Dwight McNeil (Burnley) reached the semifinals.

Although Manchester City has become a favorite in terms of viewership statistics in Hours Watched and Average Viewers category, Sterling lost to Alexander-Arnold with a score of 3-2.

Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers met in the final, their second half ended with a 1-1 score. So Jota scored a golden goal during the extra time and thus won.

The peak of the broadcast appeared on the quarterfinals between Manchester City and Everton FC.and concluded 52K viewers.The total number of Hours Watched was 235K. The tournament's finale took second place by popularity, collecting 44 thousand at the peak.

In terms of languages, the peak of English-speaking viewers (52K) was on 24 April, while the peak Portuguese-speaking was on 25 April and concluded 6,3K spectators.

Compared to other FIFA online tournaments, which took place during the pandemic, ePremier League Invitational showed fairly average results.

La Liga Santander Challenge appeared on top not only because of the list of participants but also because of the right timing, as the league was held almost immediately after the quarantine implementation, that's why the audience started to watch esports.

The charity tournament by EA Stay and Play, which donated $1 million to the COVID-19 funds, also overtook the Premier League by viewers (120K at the peak) and views (1,1M Hours Watched).

Based on these results we can make a conclusion that social networks, in which players promote their participation in the events, don't greatly affect the number of viewers on the broadcast, even though some participants have more than 10K subscribers.

The right promotion and target audience and the experience allow EA to attract more spectators to their tournaments than to football leagues' events.

It is also worth noting that now Russian Premier League holds its own CyberLeague Pro Series, but not in FIFA - in Pro Evolution Soccer. The event collected 30K spectators at the peak This is quite good result as for the CIS-region.

The transition of traditional sports to online shows impressive results basing on the statistics. But will the dynamics be the same after the end of the quarantine? We'll continue to monitor the situation and provide you with up-to-date news.

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