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WCS: The Kyiv semester

WCS: The Kyiv semester

The last two splits of the StarCraft II World Championship Series were held at the legendary Kyiv Cybersport Arena. We could not pass by such an event and prepared a comparison of the spring championship with its summer counterpart.

As usual, our article shall start from a word of warning. We did not collect statistics from the Chinese sites. Along with this, the data was complemented by Chinese viewers – but only those who used the trusted services (like Twitch) were taken into account.

First, it is worth noting an unpleasant trend. Summer competition was not so popular. When it comes to the number of views, it was left behind the spring split with a rather impressive gap.

The peak viewers decreased by 15 thousand. This figure is 22% less than it was on the last spring broadcasts. A decrease is also observed when comparing the average number of viewers. In this case the difference between the competitions is equal to 5 thousand viewers (17%).

If we compare the results of events in terms of hours watched, then we can observe the lowest decrease among these three figures, being slightly more than 15%. In numerical equivalent, this is equal to a sum of 141 thousand hours. This is the case when the airtime of both events was quite close.

In terms of separate languages and the respective broadcasts, it can only be noted that the German stream alone has managed to avoid any sort of decrease, showing positive result. All the other streams were not so fortunate and lost fans for at least one of the indicators analyzed by us.

However, the most pleasant result was shown by the French audience. Its peak viewers increase has nearly reached 2,000 – but at the same time, its average viewers decreased by 200. The opposite result was shown by the English broadcast, having lost as much as 11 thousand peak viewers and nearly 5 thousand average viewers.

We should tell you about the participants of the competition. According to the results of the two WCS stops in Kyiv, Serral has truly become Mr. Popular. In terms of the ranking, he has managed to come at the top of almost every possible indicator, only failing to get the best result in terms of hours watched, but this particular indicator strongly depends on the number of matches. In this part of the ranking, he was overtaken by SpeCial.

As a result, it can be said that the popularity of World Championship Series fell quite dramatically. In some places, this decrease reaches 1/4 or more. The reason for this is difficult to name, as the summer matches were especially interesting – especially the battle between Reynor and Serral in the finals.

However, there is another split ahead, which will define this regular season once and for all, providing us with a full-fledged opportunity to analyze the esports popularity of SC2.

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