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WePlay! Mad Moon: Finals of the esports trilogy

WePlay! Mad Moon: Finals of the esports trilogy

WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon was held on the last week. It's the second significant event for WePlay! Esports this year and they don’t stop to impress us.

WePlay! Bukovel Minor was hosted in the beginning of January, while new event took place in Kyiv, in one of the pavilions of Expocenter of Ukraine. 

Nigma faced Team Secret in the finals and they kept up the suspense through all their bo5 game playoff. The prize pool of two tournaments was $300,000 each and Nigma took two trophies with them by winning both tournaments. The tournament drew a lot of attention and that worked in favor of WePlay! So, we congratulate them with their new records. In comparison to Bukovel Minor, the mark of peak viewers of Mad Moon has increased on 26%.

The leader of the tournament by Hours Watched is team Nigma: their matches compiled 67,8% of this category. Interesting fact, that the viewers’ peak has been reached not during final battle with Team Secret, but during the match of Virtus.pro versus Nigma and it has compiled 295 110 of viewers, but the average amount of viewers was 16,2% less.

Regarding the languages, the highest peak was on the Russian-language stream - 130 761 viewers. The peak of the English-language translation was on 13% lower - 114 167 viewers.

Our team has visited the tournament and we are ready to share our brand-new impressions. We have talked with Valentin Shevchenko, Business Development Manager of WePlay! Esports. He told us about the general concept of tournaments and the key moments in the creation of such events.

«This is my fourth LAN and I’m pleasantly impressed with things that our company does in esports and how we change the game by mixing the show with esports and creating untraditional image. The idea to which we stick, is to create new, unique concept which can astonish the viewers.

As for the difficulties - there are none of them. The main things are the ideas and desire to work on them, because, de facto, except for the approaches, esports hasn’t changed. The obstacles are only in our heads, and we just cross the borders and form something new».

All the people, who visited the tournament, have evaluated the immensity of this event and how the organizers imply their concepts. We need to mention such things, as SFMs between the streams which attracted the audience, AR on streams, and, of course, team entrances on the #madmoontruck. Along with that, esports teams made some autograph sessions for everyone.

(Photo: WePlay! Esports press-office)

Regarding the statistics, Valentin told us that they managed to beat the record of WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020:

«Today we beat our WePlay Bukovel Minor record. Despite the fact that Mad Moon isn’t a DPC-event, the peak is 295 110 viewers simultaneously online. And, Virtus.pro matches collected 130 761 Russian-speaking viewers. We set the bar and stick to it».

WePlay! Esports shared with us some of their future plans about their project development, especially about Ukrainian streaming. It’s great that these guys want to develop esports in their country, not only abroad. That’s why they created Ukrainian cast and collaborated with international OTT/VOD service MEGOGO by launching their stream on their platform since WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020. The numbers for this unusual type of streaming in terms of esports were quite good - 115,000 unique spectators.

«We want to collaborate with local markets and partners. At this moment it’s MEGOGO. They’re interested in the development of esports channel, but they’re not into linear programming. Since this is a digital platform, they provide us with the resources and give us the spot, where we’ll create WePlay! Esports and where we’ll be doing esports content with the right programming. Obviously, this work can’t be done for 1 day and even for a couple of weeks. This is a large amount of work in terms of obtaining and creating content, its adaptation and the development of some kind of network.», – said Valentin.  

We wish that WePlay! will reach its goals and continue to make us happy with such high-quality tournaments.

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