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Worlds 2019: The group stage results

Worlds 2019: The group stage results

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship continues to go all out. Following the Mid-Season Invitational, the competition has managed to set new records. In many ways, the three-time champions, SKT, are responsible for these.

Earlier, we already talked about this stage of Worlds 2019 – or rather, about the incredible results it has shown during the first matches. You can familiarize yourself with that particular article by clicking on the link.

To date, the tournament has reached a mark of 2 million 44 thousand peak viewers. The result was obtained during the encounter between SK Telecom T1 and RNG. Through their battle, the representatives of Korea and China have improved upon the respective result of 2018 by 77%.

The average viewers figure of this season's championship has reached the mark of just over 1 million people. At the same time, at Worlds 2018, the figure was equal to 626 thousand. The difference between the championships is 59% in favor of the events of the ninth season.

Just like during the analysis of the Play-In stage, an analysis of the stage's most popular match will be made. As already mentioned, in 2019 it was the battle between SKT and RNG. Last year, the most interesting part of the group stage was the meeting between C9 and Vitality.

This time we have an all-around improvement for all the aspects. As expected, the Korean broadcast got the biggest increase. After a season, it added as much as 172% peak viewers. The “Korea effect” is still in full force, which is why more and more teams in the region are becoming the “catalysts” for records.

The Spanish broadcast started from a high note, since after a year the (positive) difference between the indicators has amounted to 73%. The next stream to stand out among the rest was the English-language one with its indicator being improved by 34%.

The peak broadcast viewers have also changed for the better. For example, YouTube Live has reached the figure of 909 thousand peak viewers, which is 87% more than during the World Cup of the eighth season. Twitch has also managed to stand out: its peak viewers grew from 602 thousand to 914 thousand people. In percentage terms, this increase is worth 52%.

When looking at the hours watched, Afreeca TV stands out the most. The platform for the South Korean fans got its indicators thanks to the hype around SK Telecom T1. Its growth over the season was worth 190%. The giants of the market were on approximately same level of performance: YouTube improved own result by 66% – and Twitch, in turn, by 68%.

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The most popular participant in both the championship as a whole and of the current group stage is SKT. Lee San Hyuk’s team was the first by both the peak and average match viewers, as well as got the largest hours watched figure.

As a result of the group stage, one can safely expect new records during the playoff matches. Especially considering that getting paired with G2 were the Korean representatives, DWG. At the same time, the current “heroes” of statistics, SKT, will fight Splyce.

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