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Worlds 2019: The results of Play-In

Worlds 2019: The results of Play-In

The preliminary stage of the game's 9th season showed excellent results, becoming the most popular of all the Play-In stages. At Worlds 2019, it managed to update the records of the series in all three main indicators: peak and average viewers, as well as the hours watched. But this is only the beginning.

The preliminary stage of Worlds 2019 got 986 thousand peak viewers. Last season, this figure reached 719 thousand. The growth of the result one year later amounted to 266 thousand viewers, which is equal to 37% in relative comparison. Hours watched also reached a similar increase – 33%.

There was also an increase of the average viewers of the broadcast. In 2019, the figure was equal to 501 thousand viewers – which is 81 thousand more than in the competition of the 8th season.

It’s worth talking about the results of standalone platforms. The popularity of Worlds 2019 on YouTube has grown tremendously. Compared to the previous season, the improvement in hours watched was equal to 51%. Google's platform also had an increase in peak viewers worth as much as 86%.

So far, YouTube’s progress has been incredible, which can be seen especially clearly when compared to its main competitor, Twitch. By the way, the latter could not boast of such "records" – for its peak viewers increased only by 1%, while the hours watched grew by 15%.

The Portuguese stream surprised us in a good way. Its figure of 276 thousand peak viewers was achieved during the battle between Flamengo eSports and Royal Youth, showing growth by 182%. Brazil fans seem to be following the brTT's success with particular interest.

The Korean broadcast stood out in a phenomenal way. Its has obtained 259 thousand peak viewers. Last season, this figure has only reached 75 thousand viewers, but there were no LCK representatives among the Play-In participants.

Joining Korean fans were the viewers from Vietnam. The record of their broadcast is now equal to 292 thousand viewers. Compared to 2018, the increase amounted to 185 thousand, and in percentage terms the indicator shows 173%.

These two broadcasts obtained such numbers because of huge hype surrounding the fight between DWG and Lowkey. DAMWON Gaming represented LCK, while Lowkey Esports defended the honor of VCS. As it can be understood, these two teams became the main reason for such impressive figures.

Regarding this very match, we would also like to add that this year, the meeting between the representatives of Korea and Vietnam became the most popular match of the championship. At Worlds 2018, this title went to the battle between Japan and America's third team: DFM vs. C9.

It is worth noting that the matches are far from being equal, because this year, the battle of Vietnam and the most titled league in the world for a place in the group stage in a series of up to three victories became the most popular topic. Meanwhile, in 2018, the peak of popularity went to an ordinary match within the preliminary stage group that followed the extremely unreliable “best of 1” format.

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