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WoW Classic: 30 Days

WoW Classic: 30 Days

World of Warcraft Classic release made an effect of exploding bomb, bringing the game it’s former glory. For a whole month, this MMO has become the center of the gaming industry. Last time we looked at first 24 hours since the release of “vanilla”. You can read more about this material on this page

Now let’s see what happened to the popularity of WoW Classic in these 30 days?

In general, the situation is quite ordinary. Time passes and viewers’ interest for WoW streams is shifting down. Release struck with an incredible number of million viewers per category, but it didn’t usually exceed 200 thousand by the end of September.

Let's talk about the better “numbers”. A month after release, peaks of the game reached the level of 180-200 thousand people. The lower threshold of viewers usually doesn’t cross the edge of 50 thousand observers. The lowest indicator - 41 thousand of viewers was noticed only once - on September 13

What about channels? As well as viewers number, this indicator was pretty significant over the month. By the end of September, the number of broadcasts fluctuates from 1 thousand up to 2 thousand pages. As the game launched, the same index obtained 18 thousand of channels. We’d like to note that nowadays figures are even bigger than any previous add-on could show in the last two years.

Also, It’s important to split our statistics with one interesting detail. A month after release, top-10 of the most popular streamers in WoW category gained as many hours of viewing as the whole CS: GO category gained for the same period.

We’re even more surprised by the rise of JokerdTV channel. Before the release of “vanilla”, his channel had only 2 thousand subs. However, after he reached level 60 first in new WoW history, overtaking the legendary Method, the number of followers exceeded 140 thousand people. The peak of the stream was 347 thousand viewers, which beat the category record been held by the official WoW channel.

This perfectly demonstrates the popularity of WoW Classic in the world gaming community. By the way, TOP5 peak marks of Warcraft twitch streams came at the end of August.

Talking about Twitch top-rank streamers, Asmongold won the first place in our recent most-popular streamers chart for the second time. During last month he improved his viewing hours by 2 million units.

However, it’s stilll an excellent situation for Blizzard. As this is only the first phase of the game, “new” content awaits us ahead, which means they will keep starting other positive trends. We’re sure that any added world boss will certainly rise Twitch peak marks up to new heights. “First run race” is already on, leveling up game attraction.

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