WoW Shadowlands: Overview of expansion’s release

WoW Shadowlands: Overview of expansion’s release

The release of a new World of Warcraft expansion has always been a big deal. This year the release date was shifted due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the release of WoW Classic helped shorten the gap between the addons. Let us tell you how all of this influenced the game’s first day on Twitch.

In this article we will be reviewing exclusively the first day after the addon’s release. In the case of Battle for Azeroth, this was the period from August 13th to 14th, 2018, in the case of Classic, this was the period from August 26th to 27th, 2019, and for the latest addon, Shadowlands, statistics are taken from November 23rd to 24th, 2020. In all three cases, the starting point was 11 PM GMT.

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Over the past three years, we could see the major updates to WoW being released at a rather convenient time. As we’ve already mentioned, the updates were released at 11 PM in Western Europe, as well as in the afternoon for North America. This allowed capitalizing on the number of viewers and streamers as much as possible – which is confirmed by our data.

When looking at the WoW: Shadowlands’ success among the viewers, we should say that only the peak viewers indicator has shown success. At the time of the addon’s release, the category had a total of 947 thousand peak viewers – which is 8% more than during the release of WoW Classic. But more importantly, this figure exceeds the one reached on the first day of Battle for Azeroth by a whopping 76%.

The 950 thousand peak viewers mark of Shadowlands is not the game’s best in Twitch history. As of today, the record is 1 million 132 thousand peak viewers, received in the first post-release week of World of Warcraft Classic.

That’s not all though, given that the hours watched indicator for the first day of Shadowlands was below its WoW Classic counterpart by 25%. On the other hand, the new addon has 39% more hours watched compared to Battle of Azeroth. In other words, it seems that Blizzard’s new creation has failed to measure up to the legendary version of World of Warcraft.

When looking at the streamers, the situation shows a radical change. For the first day since its release, WoW: Shadowlands has managed to set a record for both the peak and average number of channels in the category. Namely, after the release of the update, game’s category featured 25 thousand peak channels. The result exceeded those of WoW Classic and BFA by 11% and 60%, respectively.

Talking about channels, it should be added that Asmongold became the most popular streamer on the first day of the patch, reaching the mark of 1.4 million hours watched. As a true fan of the game, he couldn’t wrap it up just like that – so eventually the duration his first WoW: Shadowland broadcast reached a whopping 14 hours. Only Sodapoppin managed to spend more time in the game – a little over 20 non-interrupted hours.

On the first day, Manyrin became the most popular Twitch streamer among the Russian-speaking audience (which is also quite fond of World of Warcraft), reaching the mark of 64 thousand hours watched. Just like many others, the streamer could not just stop once reaching the maximum level, which is why his first broadcast for the game’s expansion lasted more than 16 hours. Could it be that WoW streamers are naturally used to long streaming marathons?

To conclude, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands turned out to be more popular than the previous expansion. However, it should be also noted that some of the results shown by the new addon are inferior when compared to the release of WoW Classic. In that regard, we are sure that the first post-release week will shed more light upon Shadowlands – and if you don’t want to miss its results, be sure to subscribe to the Streams Charts social network pages.

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