Xbox Games Showcase: Nearly Two Million Viewers

Xbox Games Showcase: Nearly Two Million Viewers

Finally, Microsoft's gaming division began to show their hidden “aces”. The company held an hour-long game presentation for the new XBOX generation. Looking ahead, we will tell you that the Xbox Games Showcase peak was 1 million 800 thousand viewers.

In the gaming industry, the XBOX is at the forefront together with Sony. The company not only develops and manufactures its game consoles but also makes games for it. Therefore, the presentation is an extremely important event for a significant part of gamers.

1,8M people watched the broadcast at the peak. The average number of viewers reached almost 900K. The main part of the views, of course, was collected by the main show itself.

If you compare the briefing with last year's E3, you can see an increase in viewership. The peak, for example, rose by 99%. In general, the audience was highly interested in this presentation. Though in 2019 the company did not have a direct competitor as Sony this year.

Interestingly, the publisher decided to begin with a serious project. Demo of the new Halo opened the game presentation. For XBOX fans, this game is the real icon of “green console”. At this point, the presentation was watched by approximately 1,4M people. The biggest amount of the audience appeared at the end of the presentation.

To be more precise, the most engaging moments, regarding the number of views, were the trailers of the new S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the game of the Warhammer 40k universe.

Among all the platforms, French streamer Julien Chièze gathered the most amount of viewers on his YouTube broadcast 47K peak viewers. Asmongold is behind him with 45K viewers. The Portuguese streamer Alanzoka closed the top-3 with a result of 44K people.

The most popular language of the presentation is English. Its peak was 970K viewers. In addition, the Hours Watched of English broadcast concluded 54% of the total number. The second language of the event was Spanish, with a 15% contribution to the total number of Hours Watched. Portuguese closed the first trio and brought the presentation 8% of HW.

In comparison with other summer presentations, the situation is not very positive. XBOX showcase only surpassed an hour-long demo of CD Project RED's new game - Cyberpunk 2077 by stats. In Sony's case, we have a huge gap. The “greens” completely lost the battle of numbers, but there are reasons for that.

It is important to understand that we’ve seen only games at the XBOX presentation. The devs didn’t plan to tell us the details of the new console generation and its technical aspects. The company itself notified about this in advance. It will be fair to compare the success of the presentations after Microsoft decides to talk about the specifications of the new XBOX.

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