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YouTube – the focal point of mobile esports

YouTube – the focal point of mobile esports

We often write about the results of many championships, but spend little time on the platforms these are broadcasted on. Today we will correct this mistake, starting with YouTube – which is the focal point of mobile esports.

In general, it is worth noting that mobile esports seems to be doing well when combined with many such services, but the ones that attracted the majority of the audience are YouTube and Facebook. Surprisingly, Twitch shows some weaknesses in this regard, but more about that later.

First, we will tell you why exactly YouTube became the main platform for mobile esports. Perhaps, we can point to the publishers and developers of the most popular disciplines of the sport being the reason for such turn of events. Here we are talking about Garena and Tencent.

The first company clearly loves Google's streaming service and at the same time strongly avoids any streams on Twitch. As a result, the excellent technical implementation from YouTube does not leave even the slightest chance to all the other competitors.

On the other hand, we have Tencent. This publisher does not neglect the Twitch broadcasts, but does not forget about YouTube either. However, the fans spectating other mobile games (in particular, those promoted by the efforts of Garena) have become accustomed to the “Tube”, therefore trying to avoid spreading their attention to all the other services.

An additional reason for such a “domination” lies in convenience. Some of the competitors of YT have problems with the laws and regulations of certain countries. At the same time, Google itself does not face such problems, since it created a special system which helps to cooperate with the individual states.

Another advantage of YouTube would be the level of comfort presented by its technical side. Yes, the service does not support Twitch-like clips or other interesting features. But at the same time, the platform allows you to unwind the broadcast to the desired segment/timestamp – or even put it on pause without missing any important points.

But what about the tournament side? Here, everything goes well. The Arena of Valor World Cup 2019 has a record of 764 thousand viewers. Of this result, 662 thousand people (which is 88% of the total) were spectating from YouTube. We've explained more about the competition itself in our recent news article.

PMCO 2019 SEA League also performed well. The league for the mobile version of PUBG for Southeast Asia has managed to gather 364 thousand peak viewers. This time the competition was watched through the Google's service by 291 thousand viewers already – a figure which reaches 80% in the percentage ratio.

From the most recent achievements, worth noting is the Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019. The Brazilian competition has reached a mark of 811 thousand viewers. Once again, we see that YouTube shows a significant advantage. As a result of this event, we already have 93% of the contribution to the overall standings. And this is while the tournament was held for the Brazilian audience, and not for the whole of Southeast Asia as the one mentioned two paragraphs above.

Yet another MOBA game with decent indicators is the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Its championship (called MLBB SEA Cup 2019) received 276 thousand peak viewers. Of this number, 59% of viewers were from YouTube. Although this discipline has a gap, it is still not that huge, especially compared to the rest of the trio.

In conclusion, we can say that all the major disciplines of mobile esports tend to gather at YouTube. While the industry's heavyweights have an interesting clash between YouTube and Twitch, the former platform shows significant domination in terms of mobile esports.

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