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Z Event: Charity record

Z Event: Charity record

It's always interesting to watch the co-op game of several streamers. However, it's better when the broadcasts not only entertain but help other people. French gaming marathon Z Event combined these two things, and today we will see whether the event was able to overtake last year's results. 

Z Event is an annual charity event by French streamers ZeratoR and Dach. They and 39 other streamers were streaming on Twitch for three days and raising funds for Amnesty International.

Last year it set a fundraising record on Twitch - 3,5M euros. This year, the French streamers beat it and collected 5,7M euros.

Let's compare the results of Z Event 2020 with the past marathons. Marathon has set the records by all metrics. The Hours Watched increased by 84% compared to 2019, and Peak Viewers grew by 30%.

The reason for the growth is, of course, the abundance of popular Twitch streamers and the horrific pandemic in France. Therefore, people try to stay at home, and the best way to escape boredom is to watch the streams.

The peak of the marathon by stats appeared on Day 3 - 6,3M Hours Watched. The number of Unique Authorized Twitch Viewers for one broadcast day was also impressive - 1,3 million.

Z Event participants streamed the most in the "Special Events" category - 12 million Hours Watched or 91% from the total HW number. For three days of the marathon, this category reached the TOP-3 in overall Twitch rank, and it was TOP-1 in France.

ZeratoR, the organizer of the tournament, became the most popular streamer by two categories. He collected 318K Peak Viewers so that we can congratulate him on the new record. The Hours Watched concluded 2,6M or 19% from the overall number.

"Special Events" was the Peak Category for most streamers because it gathered the biggest amount of viewers.

Squeezie was the second in terms of Hours Watched - 1,8M, but he is the leader by Unique Authorized Twitch Viewers on his broadcast - 1,1M. He overtook even the organizer Zerator, although the gap between them in terms of unique viewers was only 75K.

In general, these two streamers are almost equal according to statistics, but ZeratoR has outrun Squeezie by Average Viewers  - 69K against 45K viewers.

Z Event distracted us from a difficult situation in the world. Even the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, expressed his pride for the organizers and for the new record on his Twitter.

Don't relax. More interesting esports and streaming events await us. We'll surely discuss them and their stats in our blog and on social pages.

More statistics on French-speaking streamers can be found here.

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