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2019년 10월 콜 오브 듀티 (CoD) 대회 관련 통계

One of the world's oldest FPS representatives. Despite being one of the genre's founders, it did not enjoy great popularity as an esports discipline. The introduction of the Warzone battle royale mode changed the situation. Such competitions as Warzone Wednesdays or MFAM Gauntlet from the streamer Nickmercs tend to gather the most viewers.

In 2020, this discipline's esports system made a transition to the franchise-based Call of Duty League. Like traditional sport, this competition involves both home and away matches held at the personal arenas of the participants. These streams are exclusive to YouTube.

Logo 타이틀 상금총액최고시청자수시청시간 행사일정
Code Red CoD Tournament logoCode Red CoD Tournament 상금총액
$20 000
148 210
899 607
29.10.19 - 30.10.19
기간: 13 hours
DGWIB Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 logoDGWIB Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 상금총액
2 134
15.10.19 - 18.10.19
기간: 18 hours

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